African Dish, Corn Fufu and Njyama-njyama, Recipe and Preparation

Corn Fufu and vegetable


Corn Fufu and Vegetable (Njyama-njyama) is a typical African dish, so rich in various food nutrients. This traditional dish has become so popular that it is now eaten in many countries of the world because of its richness. The main ingredients used to prepare a tasty corn fufu and njyama-njyama dish areas listed below.


Recipe for Corn Fufu and Vegetable



Method for preparing Corn Fufu and Njyama-njyama

Preparing the Njyama-njyama

  • Harvest the huckleberry (Njyama-njyama) from the farm or buy it from the market. The quantity depends on how much fufu and njyama-njyama you want to prepare. Pick the vegetable by removing the hard stems. Wash thoroughly and boil the vegetable for about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove and slice.
  • Slice the tomatoes and onion and fry using the vegetable oil and fry for about two to three minutes.
  • Add salt and maggi, and allow to fry for about two or three more minutes depending on the quantity. Pepper can also be added at this stage for those who like it.
  • Add the sliced njyama-njyama and stir well. When it is well mixed with the tomato and onion paste, allow it for one or two minutes, then stir and remove from the gas cooker or fireside.

How to Prepare the Corn Fufu

  • Trash dry yellow or white corn and grin it at a grinding mill. You may buy already prepared corn flour from a store.
  • Put enough water in a sizable pot, depending on your quantity. Allow the water to bubble. Mixed cornflour with water and put in the bubbling water, then stir continuously for about three to four minutes till the dough is thick and tough.
  • Add warm water and using a pestle or a wooden spoon, open the dough and let the water go in between the dough down to the bottom of the pot. Then cover and let it cook for about two to three minutes. open and stir till the fufu is smoother, tougher, and looks shiny.
  • Use the banana leaves to tie. Where there are no banana leaves, you can use film rolls.
  • Serve with fried or baked chicken, fish, or meat.


Health benefits of Corn Fufu and Njyama-njyama

Corn Fufu and Njyama-njyama is a dish very rich in food nutrients such as,

  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • vitamins
  • fats and oil

This video below shows how to prepare Corn Fufu and Njyama-njyama. View and share it with friends.


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