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Revision On General Knowledge – History THE EMPIRES OF THE WESTERN SUDAN


THE EMPIRES OF THE WESTERN SUDAN Grass Types And Vegetables Fractions; Definition and Types
  1. From the late 8th to 15th centuries, a series of major kingdoms emerged in the Sudanic zone between the Niger River and the Atlantic known in the history of Africa as _______________ The empires of the Western Sudan
  2.  There were four empires of the Western Sudan, which was the first?  Ghana (Seventh to eleventh century)
  3. The first inhabitants of the Ghana Empire were the ______ Soninke peoples
  4. Which was the Capital of the Ghana Empire?  Kumbi Saleh 
  5.  The first King of the Ghana Empire was  King ____ Kayamagan
  6. The king of Ghana who conquered several neighboring states was _____ king Sumanguru.
  7. Ghana empire was conquered by the __________ Almoravids
  8. The fall of Ghana gave rise to the  _____________ empire. Mali Empire (13th to 15th century) 
  9. __________ defeated Sumanguru and founded a new Sudanese empire, Mali. Sundiata Keita
  10. Who was the first king of the Mali Empire?. Sundiata Keita
  11. Mansa Musa of Mali was known as the great Mansa because _________. He made a pilgrimage to Mecca.    
  12. The capital of Mali was ____. Niani 
  13. The trade practiced by ancient Ghana where goods were exchanged for goods was known as ______ or ______. Silent Trade or Trade by Batter.
  14. The original inhabitants of the Ghana Empire were the _____. Soninke’s  
  15. The Ghana empire was rich in _____. Gold
  16. The immediate cause of the fall of the Ghana Empire was ________. The rise of the Mali Empire
  17. The first king of the Songhai Empire(1464 to 1591) was ___________.  Soni Ali Kolen
  18. The capital of the Songhai Empire was ___________. Gao
  19.  _________ was considered as the greatest Askia of the Songhai Empire? Mohammed Abu Baker
  20. The civilization that gave rise to the Kanem-Bornu Empire was the _______. Sao civilization
  21. The capital of the Karnem Borno Empire was  _____________. Njiri Revision On General Knowledge – History ANCIENT CIVILIZATION Revision On General Knowledge – History 1

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