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The /dz/ sound in Nkwen Language

DZ dz

ǹdzàà → an axe

/dz/ is one of the six double consonants sounds; /dz/ /gh/ /kh/ /ny/ /ts/ /zh/, found in the second edition of Nkwen Language Alphabet. These sounds are made up of two consonants but are considered as single sounds. When written in the upper case, the two letters are capitalized as follows; /DZ/ /GH/ /KH/ /NY/ /TS/ /ZH 

DZ dz

dzàˀa  → to jump

dzìtә̂   → to stake

dzòŋǝ → to lick

dzòŋǝ → a giant

dzinә  → to sneeze

ǹdzàà  → an axe

ǹdzoŋә̀ →   a thorn

ǹdzoŋ-ndzoŋә̀  →  thorns

ǹdziŋә̀      → a bell

ǹdzìŋә̀      → a dream

ә̀dzwaŋә̀   → palm front

ә̀dzuŋә̀     → things

ǹdzàŋә̀     → a song 

ǹdzàŋә    → palm kernels

ǹdzaŋә    → xylophones

ǹdzә̀mә̌  → darkness

Toŋtә nә̀

      Ǹdziŋә̀ ndyâ ŋwàˀàrә̀ ә bòŋnә̌. Ǹdzaˀa tiŋә̀ nkhәtә̌ mbәˀәma fә̀ˀә̀ a chya.  Ə̀dzuŋә jwi dzwi mәmә abàà zhә. À kɔŋә bùˀu ndzaŋә kә dzàˀa bεnә. 

Free Translation

  The church bell is ringing. Ndzah is in a haste because he is late. His things are in his bag. He likes to play xylophones, jump and dance.

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