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The /g/ sound in Nkwen Language

G g

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The /g/ sound is a voiced sound that comes mostly in the medial positions and rarely at the beginning of some words in Nkwen Language. Below are some examples and a reading exercise.

G  g

ǹgarә̀  → a gun

ǹˀә̀  → suffer

Ǹgәlo → female name

Ǹgaŋtә̀ˀә →  name  (m)

Ànga  →   name  (m)

Àŋganә̀→ a big thief

gàŋә  →  to hold

Ǹgәtsә̌  → name (f)

Ǹgòˀò  → a stone

Ǹgòˀòmә̀naŋә → name (m)

Ǹgәfò  →  name (f)

Ǹgәlaˀà → name (f)

Ǹgәnә̀fә̀mә → name (f)

Ǹgәgha  → name (f)

Ǹgwi → name (f)

Ǹgәlwù  → name (f)

Ǹgwinà   → name (f)

Ǹgwibә̀sәrә̀ → name (f)

Ǹgwibenә̀ →   name (f)   


  Ǹgòˀòmә̀naŋә̀ bwo Ǹgәnә̀fә̀mә fε wwa. Bwo ghә̌ ghantә Ǹgәǹjàŋә̀ ma bwo-bwo dzwi әkoˀo alà әzo. Ǹnu zha bònkә̀ susu mbәˀәma bwo-bwo bә lya tәmә ngarә kә nyә mәlùˀù.

Free Translation

Ngomenang and Ngeniform are going for a walk. They are going to visit Ngenjang with whom they are going to dance at a death celebration tomorrow. They are so excited because they shall fire guns and drink wine.

The /g/ sound in Nkwen Language Nkwen Language Alphabet and some Grammatical Aspects
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