Revision On General Knowledge – History ANCIENT CIVILIZATION

  1. The conditions necessary for civilization and settled life were _ _ _ _. fertile soil, good climate, cheap transport and safety from attacks.
  2. The places in the world where ancient civilization first started were called. ________. cradles of civilization
  3. The objects found by archaeologists in Egypt were____________. coins, tools and jewelries.
  4. The Egyptian Kings were called____________. Pharaohs 
  5. Pyramids were built to be royal tombs for the Kings of _______. Egypt
  6. Egypt is referred to as __________. The gift of the Nile
  7.  It is often said that no Nile no _______. Egypt
  8. The man who caused the fall of ancient Egypt was ___________. Alexander the Great.
  9. The most important city of Mesopotamia was _________. Babylon
  10. The founder of Christianity was ________.  Jesus Christ.
  11.  The followers of Jesus Christ are called _______. Christians
  12. The Holy Book of the Christians is called _________. The Holy Bible.
  13. The Greeks were united by_____.  Language ,Trade and Olympic games.
  14.  The Olympic games started in Greek on. ________ Mt Olympus.
  15. The most powerful Military Greek city state was called __________.  Sparta
  16. The founder of Rome was __________. Romulus 
  17. The first emperor of the Roman Empire was ______. Augustus Caesar.
  18. Hannibal the greatest Carthaginian General was defeated by __________. Scipio Africanus of Rome.
  19. The chief God of Rome was known as________ . Jupiter
  20. The wars fought between Rome and Carthage were called __________. The Punic Wars.
  21. A warlike tribe that destroyed the Roman Empire were the ________. Barbarians.
  22. A spiritual land where Muslims go on pilgrimage is called ________. Mecca
  23. The Followers of Mohammed were called _____. Muslims
  24. Muslims worship in a ___________. Mosque 
  25. The flight of Moses from Mecca to Medina was called the________.  Hegira
  26. Wars fought between Muslims and Christians were called the ___. Crusades ( Wars of the Cross)
  27.  The Roman numerals were invented by the_______. Romans.
  28. The period in history between the dark and modern ages was known as the __________. Middle age
  29.  The Carthaginian who arrived mount Cameroon about 500BC and saw it erupting was called ___. Hanno
  30.  Hanno named Mount Cameroon the ____. Chariot of the Gods
  31. Civilization in Africa started in ____,   Egypt, along the river _____. Nile
  32. The cradles of civilization in Africa were ______ and ________. Egypt and Mesopotamia
  33.  ________ is referred to as  “Land between two rivers”.    Mesopotamia  (now Iraq)
  34.  In Mesopotamia civilization started along the rivers  ______ and _____.  Tigris and Euphrates
  35. The Egyptian Kings were known as  ___. Pharaohs
  36. The ancient Egyptian writing was called ____. Hieroglyphics
  37.  The ancient Babylonian writing was known as _________. Cuneiform
  38. The ancient Chinese writing was also called ________. Characters
  39.  The Egyptians wrote on papers called _____, papyrus while the Mesopotamians wrote on _________. Stones Tablets
  40. The Egyptians invented the first calendar in the year___. 4241 BC
  41.  An ancient form of irrigation used by the Egyptian; a long pole with a bucket on one end and a weight on the other was known as___.  Shadoof 

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