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The present Tense in Nkwen Language

understanding the present tense in Nkwen Language.

Mǝ lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀. I am cooking corn fufu.

Events or situations associated with this tense take place at the moment of speaking. In English it is the present progressive tense. There is no marker in this case but there are tonal changes on verbs and nouns with the high tone dominating. E.g.

lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀ _ I’m cooking corn fufu.

O lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀ _ You are cooking corn fufu.

A lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀ _ He /she is cooking corn fufu.

Bìi lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀ _ We are cooking corn fufu.

Bùu lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀ _ You (pl) are cooking corn fufu.

Bwo lǝ̀ŋǝ abanǝ̀ _ They are cooking corn fufu.

More Examples

  • Ngefo sǔ ǝkaŋǝ̀. Ngǝfo is cleaning the dishes.
  • Ǹdìfò cuwa ǝdìi. Ndifɔ is clearing the grass.
  • Ndemǝ wwa sǔ nnu. My brother/sister is bathing.
  • Bǝ̀lǝmǝ ba dorǝ. or Bǝ̀lǝmǝ ba dorǝ wwa. My brothers/sisters are playing.
  • Ətàa wwa fà’a afò. My father is working on the farm.
  • Mǝkuŋǝ mya bɛnǝ. The masquerade(s)/ dance groups is/are performing or dancing.
  • Ə̀bǝnkhǝ dorǝ wwa. The children are playing.
  • Mabrǝ wàa mǝmbǒ. Mother is harvesting bananas.

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