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Mathematics Part One Test

103 well selected Mathematic Part One questions. Practice solving with your kids and they will never fail their Primary School Exams.

Mathematics Part One

Calculate and write only the correct answers.

  1. Numbers can be written in figures and in words. Write in figures: three million forty thousand. _______________________
  2. Write in figures: Seven hundred and eighty-two thousand, seven hundred and two. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Write in figures: Two hundred and sixty three thousand eight hundred and six. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Write 30,526 in words. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Write 10,003,008 in words. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Write in words 434,251 __________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Using your knowledge of multiplication, calculate 0.024 x 6 _____________
  8. Using your knowledge of decimal, divide 37.5 by 0.05. _____________
  9. The multiplication table lists out multiples of numbers. Write multiples of 6 up to 36. ______________________________________
  10. List down the factors of 36. _____________________________
  11. What are the prime factors of 36? _____________________________
  12. Square numbers have their square roots. Find the square root of 81. ____________
  13. There are 4 halves in the number 2. How many times is 2 1/2 contained in 25? ____________________
  14. Numbers can be counted or added in different bases. Add in base 5, 423 and 432. ___________________
  15. Two or more number can have common factors. Find the least or lowest common factor (L C M) of 68
    and 81. _____________
  16. What is the H C F of 72 and 96. _________________
  17. Find the H C F and L C M of 12, 24 and 36. ___________
  18. Using your knowledge of BODMAS, simplify 1 ½ – ¼ x ¾. ____________
  19. Using your knowledge of BODMAS, simplify 12 + 8 x 0. _______________
  20. There are four quarters in 1 whole. How many quarters are in 3 ½. ______________
  21. An improper fraction has its numerator bigger than the denominator. Convert 3 1/9 to an improper fraction. ________________
  22. Average refers to the middle number. Find the average of 5,0, 5, 25, 0. ______________
  23. Using your knowledge of indices what is 742 – 262? _______________
  24. Using your knowledge of indices what is 2x2x2x3x3x4 in index notation? ____________
  25. In metric system, how many kilometers are there in 2,200 meters? _______________
  26. There are different ways in writing numbers. Write five and a half million in figures. ________________________
  27. Using your knowledge of sets, what is { 12, 16, 18, 19, 36} n {18, 0, 12,13, 20} ____________________________
  28. Using your knowledge of sets, what is { 36, 5, 7} u {3, 4, 6, 8} ______________________________________
  29. A rectangle has a length and a width. Find the length of a rectangle of area 48 square meters and width 6m. ______________
  30. Find the area of a rectangle 8m by 9m. _______________
  31. Find the width of a rectangle of length 12m and area 60 square meters. ___________________
  32. The distance all round a diagram is called perimeter. Find the perimeter of a rectangle 5dm by 25dm. ______________________
  33. The perimeter of a rectangle is 100cm if the length is 30cm. find its area. _________________________
  34. A square has four equal sides. Find the area of a square of side 8cm. _____________________
  35. What is the side of a square field given that its area is 625 square cm? ___________________
  36. Perimeter is distance all round an object. Find the perimeter of a square with side 7.5dm. ___________________
  37. A complete circle measures 3600. Calculate the area of a circle whose radius is 7cm. ____________
  38. What is the area of a circle given that its diameter is 28dm?_______________
  39. Circumference is perimeter or distance all round a circle. Calculate the circumference of a circle whose radius 21m. ______________
  40. A triangle is half a rectangle. Find the area of a triangle 4m high and base 5m. ______________
  41. Find the base of a triangle with height 4cm and area 24 square cm. _______________
  42. Find the height of a triangle of base 5m and area 30m. ___________________
  43. A cube has six sides. Calculate the total surface area of a cube of side 6cm. _______________
  44. Find the volume of a cube of side 4m
  45. A quantity can be increased by a fraction of itself. Increase 8000 by ¾. _________________
  46. A quantity can be increased by a percentage. Increase 2500 by 25%. __________________
  47. A quantity can be decreased by a percentage. Decrease 1200 by 20%. __________________
  48. 5 is 50% of 10. What is 20% of 500? __________________
  49. Numbers can be shared in different ratios share 1000frs in the ratios 6 : 4. _____________________
  50. Decimal numbers can be changed to fractions. What is 0.125 as a vulgar fraction? ___________________
  51. We can convert numbers from one base to another. The number 19 written in base 5 is _______________
  52. 3/5 of my money is 6000frs. What is my total money? ____________
  53. ¼ of my money is 4000frs. What is 1/8 of my money? ____________
  54. A trader bought an article for 1500frs and sold it for 2300frs. What is his gain? _________________
  55. What is the gain% if a lady who bought a goat for 10,000frs sold it for 15,000frs? _____________
  56. A car leaves town one at 8:15 am and arrives town two at 9:30am. What time did the journey take? ____________
  57. Find the simple interest on 26,000frs for 3 years at 2 ½ %. _____________
  58. By selling a book for 5000frs a trader makes a gain of 25%. What is the cost of the book? ___________
  59. What is the odd number before 10 which is also a square number? ________
  60. Susan bought a gross of pens and gave a score of them to her brother. What is a gross minus a score? ____________
  61. What is the quotient of 6 and 4? __________
  62. What is the dividend of 16/4 ? ____________
  63. In the problem 24 x 12 which number is the multiplier? __________ and which is the multiplicand ____________
  64. If 2 x 9=18 which number is the product? _________
  65. There are short forms of multiplying different numbers. Multiply 32 by 11. ____________
  66. In weight measurement, which is heavier, a kg of corn or a kg of cotton?_______________
  67. An animal has two eyes. A farmer has 60 pigs and 20 goats. How many eyes have all the animals? _______________
  68. Using your knowledge of metric system convert 5.75m to cm. _____________
  69. Find x if 5/8 = 40/x. ______________
  70. John’s father was 37 years old when John was born, given that John is 11 years old now, when was his father born? ______________
  71. The smallest number which can be divided by 8, 10 and 12 is? ____________
  72. Subtract one from one thousand and ninety. __________
  73. We can look for fractions of different numbers. What is a tenth of (40 x 50) ________________
  74. Numbers can also be written as decimals. Write 80 as a decimal of 120. __________
  75. If a =5 and b=20; find the value of b2 – a2 . _________
  76. If a ={multiple of 5 less than 40} and b = {multiple of 3 less than 38} find A n B. ____________________
  77. Your mother harvest 20 bags of corn she sold 15 of them. What fraction was left? ________________
  78. Find the third angle if two angles of a triangle measure 1800 and 1100. _______________
  79. The digits in a number have different values. What is the difference between the value of 7 and 2 in the number 7285? ____________
  80. Numbers can be converted from one base to another. Convert 123 base 4 to base 10. _________________
  81. You have 6 twenty- five franc coins, how many oranges each costing 10frs can you buy with your money? ____________
  82. If a train travels 20km from 10:15 to 10:30am. How many kilometers per hour is it traveling? ____________
  83. Numbers can be written in Romans and Arabic numerals. Write CDXL and MCMLXXXIV in Arabic numerals. __________________________________________________________________________________
  84. Write 199 and 1786 in Roman numerals. __________________________________________________________________________________
  85. John’s father took 3 hours 45 minutes to journey to Bafia on his motorcycle. If the journey started at 11:10am when did it end? _________________
  86. Find the cost of painting the four walls of your bedroom which measures 4m by 5m by 6m at 160frs per square meter. ___________
  87. If a =2, b=7. Find (b x a) – 5 ______________
  88. What is the value of x – y if x = 503 and y = 2125 ______________
  89. A quantity can be increased by a ratio. Increase 360 in the ratio 3:4
  90. A number can be decreased by a ratio. Decrease 250 in the ratio 5:10 ___________________
  1. We can compare things by putting them in ascending or descending order. Arrange in ascending order of magnitude: 1/3, 1/2, 1/4, 1/5 ___________________________
  2. Arrange in descending order of merit: 0.15, 5.35, 0.04 _______________________________
  3. February usually has different number of days depending on each given year. How many days were there in February 1986. _____________
  4. Use your knowledge of subtraction to work out 2000 – 9. __________________
  5. Some things are usually grouped before selling. Find the cost of 24 eggs at six for 180frs. _________________
  6. Fractions are often expressed as decimal. Express 5/8 as a decimal. _____________________
  7. Using your knowledge of short forms in multiplication, what is 13.101 x 100. ________________
  8. In mathematic what is the product of 25 and 36? ________
  9. If 4km on the ground is represented by 2cm on a map. Find out how many cm on the map is 10km. ______________
  10. People are of different ages. Five years ago Awah was 12 years old. How old will Awah be in seven years to come? ________________
  11. It is good to share with others. Tom and Ann shared bananas so that Ann has 2 more than Tom. How many had Ann if there were 17 bananas? ________________


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Inspiration Mastering the Alphabet Mathematics Months of the Year in Nkwen Language Sunday Gospel and Feast Day Readings Uncategorized

Revision On General Knowledge – History THE EMPIRES OF THE WESTERN SUDAN

THE EMPIRES OF THE WESTERN SUDAN Grass Types And Vegetables Fractions; Definition and Types
  1. From the late 8th to 15th centuries, a series of major kingdoms emerged in the Sudanic zone between the Niger River and the Atlantic known in the history of Africa as _______________ The empires of the Western Sudan
  2.  There were four empires of the Western Sudan, which was the first?  Ghana (Seventh to eleventh century)
  3. The first inhabitants of the Ghana Empire were the ______ Soninke peoples
  4. Which was the Capital of the Ghana Empire?  Kumbi Saleh 
  5.  The first King of the Ghana Empire was  King ____ Kayamagan
  6. The king of Ghana who conquered several neighboring states was _____ king Sumanguru.
  7. Ghana empire was conquered by the __________ Almoravids
  8. The fall of Ghana gave rise to the  _____________ empire. Mali Empire (13th to 15th century) 
  9. __________ defeated Sumanguru and founded a new Sudanese empire, Mali. Sundiata Keita
  10. Who was the first king of the Mali Empire?. Sundiata Keita
  11. Mansa Musa of Mali was known as the great Mansa because _________. He made a pilgrimage to Mecca.    
  12. The capital of Mali was ____. Niani 
  13. The trade practiced by ancient Ghana where goods were exchanged for goods was known as ______ or ______. Silent Trade or Trade by Batter.
  14. The original inhabitants of the Ghana Empire were the _____. Soninke’s  
  15. The Ghana empire was rich in _____. Gold
  16. The immediate cause of the fall of the Ghana Empire was ________. The rise of the Mali Empire
  17. The first king of the Songhai Empire(1464 to 1591) was ___________.  Soni Ali Kolen
  18. The capital of the Songhai Empire was ___________. Gao
  19.  _________ was considered as the greatest Askia of the Songhai Empire? Mohammed Abu Baker
  20. The civilization that gave rise to the Kanem-Bornu Empire was the _______. Sao civilization
  21. The capital of the Karnem Borno Empire was  _____________. Njiri Revision On General Knowledge – History ANCIENT CIVILIZATION Revision On General Knowledge – History 1 Revision On General Knowledge – History ANCIENT CIVILIZATION Revision On General Knowledge – History 1
Inspiration Mastering the Alphabet Mathematics Months of the Year in Nkwen Language Sunday Gospel and Feast Day Readings Uncategorized

Revision On General Knowledge – History ANCIENT CIVILIZATION

Revision On General Knowledge – History 1

  1. The conditions necessary for civilization and settled life were _ _ _ _. fertile soil, good climate, cheap transport and safety from attacks.
  2. The places in the world where ancient civilization first started were called. ________. cradles of civilization
  3. The objects found by archaeologists in Egypt were____________. coins, tools and jewelries.
  4. The Egyptian Kings were called____________. Pharaohs 
  5. Pyramids were built to be royal tombs for the Kings of _______. Egypt
  6. Egypt is referred to as __________. The gift of the Nile
  7.  It is often said that no Nile no _______. Egypt
  8. The man who caused the fall of ancient Egypt was ___________. Alexander the Great.
  9. The most important city of Mesopotamia was _________. Babylon
  10. The founder of Christianity was ________.  Jesus Christ.
  11.  The followers of Jesus Christ are called _______. Christians
  12. The Holy Book of the Christians is called _________. The Holy Bible.
  13. The Greeks were united by_____.  Language ,Trade and Olympic games.
  14.  The Olympic games started in Greek on. ________ Mt Olympus.
  15. The most powerful Military Greek city state was called __________.  Sparta
  16. The founder of Rome was __________. Romulus 
  17. The first emperor of the Roman Empire was ______. Augustus Caesar.
  18. Hannibal the greatest Carthaginian General was defeated by __________. Scipio Africanus of Rome.
  19. The chief God of Rome was known as________ . Jupiter
  20. The wars fought between Rome and Carthage were called __________. The Punic Wars.
  21. A warlike tribe that destroyed the Roman Empire were the ________. Barbarians.
  22. A spiritual land where Muslims go on pilgrimage is called ________. Mecca
  23. The Followers of Mohammed were called _____. Muslims
  24. Muslims worship in a ___________. Mosque 
  25. The flight of Moses from Mecca to Medina was called the________.  Hegira
  26. Wars fought between Muslims and Christians were called the ___. Crusades ( Wars of the Cross)
  27.  The Roman numerals were invented by the_______. Romans.
  28. The period in history between the dark and modern ages was known as the __________. Middle age
  29.  The Carthaginian who arrived mount Cameroon about 500BC and saw it erupting was called ___. Hanno
  30.  Hanno named Mount Cameroon the ____. Chariot of the Gods
  31. Civilization in Africa started in ____,   Egypt, along the river _____. Nile
  32. The cradles of civilization in Africa were ______ and ________. Egypt and Mesopotamia
  33.  ________ is referred to as  “Land between two rivers”.    Mesopotamia  (now Iraq)
  34.  In Mesopotamia civilization started along the rivers  ______ and _____.  Tigris and Euphrates
  35. The Egyptian Kings were known as  ___. Pharaohs
  36. The ancient Egyptian writing was called ____. Hieroglyphics
  37.  The ancient Babylonian writing was known as _________. Cuneiform
  38. The ancient Chinese writing was also called ________. Characters
  39.  The Egyptians wrote on papers called _____, papyrus while the Mesopotamians wrote on _________. Stones Tablets
  40. The Egyptians invented the first calendar in the year___. 4241 BC
  41.  An ancient form of irrigation used by the Egyptian; a long pole with a bucket on one end and a weight on the other was known as___.  Shadoof 

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