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The /ch/ sound in Nkwen Language

CH ch

chichi’i → a tadpole

Nkwen Language lessons

This sound /c/ is a double consonant sound in Nkwen Language. /Ch/ features more often in the initial and medial positions in some words. It doesn’t come at the final position.

CH ch

Chә̀nywe → a name (m)

chyǎ →. to pass

chyàsә̂ → to send/to give way

chwa → to clear

chuˀu → to pound

chùu → to soak

chì’i → to shake

chi’i → to cancel

chi’isǝ̂! → Cancel!

chichi’i → a tadpole

chǝ̌ → a wild animal

chǐ → father-in-law

ànchinǝ̌ → a cricket

chǝ̀ → injunction

chù’u → a thousand

chìchì → a frightful thing

àchi’ìnә̌ → strong grass (guinea savannah type)

Mә̀toŋtәnә̀ – Reading

Chә̀nywe à chwa ǹsùŋә yε. À bә tsoˀotә achiˀìnә̀ nә àso zhi. À bә tsùˀu tiˀi әliˀi әwὲε mәjyә mi wә. Ǹchǐ yî bǝ yìi kwesǝ yɛ. À chǔ ngwàsaŋә bwo mә̀kû ma a bә wὲὲ wε. Ànchinә̀ toŋә̀ ngorә̀ yi nsuŋә zhә. Ə bә lyâ fu kwùrә mәnjyә yε.

Free Translation
Chenwie has cleared his farm. He will remove the strong grass with his hoe. After tilling and preparing, he will plant his crops. His father-in-law will come to help him. He has soaked corn and beans for planting. A cricket has dug its hole in his farm. It shall come out and eat his groundnuts (peanuts).

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