How my backyard garden came to reality

On a farm plot, you will clear the grass, till the soil, form the garden beds, apply manure, and nurse the seeds. This is not the same as my backyard garden when I have to improvise. I go to the shop, buy the containers, the soil, some seeds and seedlings, and some manure. Back home, I fill the containers with the ground after poking holes underneath. I manure it, nurse the seeds, and transplant the seedlings then set them in order in the backyard. My seeds here are huckleberry and seedlings; pepper, tomato, water leaf, and basil. With a watering can, some water is sprinkled to give the soil moisture, which, together with warmth from the sun rays, will enable germination. The seeds then take at most ten days to germinate and give roots, respectively, depending on the weather. This is always at the beginning of summer when the snow has all disappeared, and the weather becomes warmer.

Backyard garden prepared and seeds nursed

This is how the garden will look like after planting.

I keep doing watering especially on days of no rain, making sure I don’t put too much water since the soil is not that deep as on a farm plot. This video shows how it looks like in three weeks. I will then add organic or artificial manure to enrich the soil for the vegetable to have more nutrients and continue growing. By five to six weeks, depending on the weather, I should be expecting fresh vegetables also called “Njama-njama” in my local language.

By the sixth or seventh week, my vegetable is fully ready for harvesting. The tomato and pepper usually take a bit longer. By the second or third harvest of the huckleberry, they will also be ready.

This is the end result. The vegetable is ready for the table. O yes! “We eat to live.”

Corn fufu and njyama-njama. Əbanǝ nǝ̀ ǹjyânkaŋǝ̀

My pepper plant is always awesome. it will continue to blossom till winter comes and winters it.

And this is how my backyard garden came to reality. All thanks to God for the mystery of plant growth. I did the preparation, I nursed the seeds and did some watering but I do not know how the plants grow. I just see them germinate and increase in size every day. God will never stop doing miracles.

Do well to watch the video below.

My backyard garden
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