Aspects Of The English Language

English Language Aspects
English Language Aspects


Aspects Of The English Language

English is very important in our day-to-day life because English is mostly used to communicate all over the world. English has the power of connecting people from many different cultures. It is the most commonly spoken language in the world, second to none.

This page presents in a simple and straightforward way links to most aspects of the English Language. Click on a link to view the lesson. 

  1. Indefinite, Definite, And Zero Articles 
  2. What Are Verb Tenses
  3. The Articles, Definite, Indefinite, and zero
  4. The Verb
  5. Verb Tenses
  6. The Preposition
  7. Adjectives and Adverbs
  8. Mechanics of Writing 1
  9. Punctuation, Apostrophe, Contraction, The hyphen, Quotation marks, Dash, Parentheses, Brackets, Numbers, Capitalization
  10. The Sentence
  11. Mastering the Alphabet 1 Enabling Reading for Slow Learners
  12. Mastering the Alphabet 2; Sounds in words; Enabling Reading for Slow Learners
  13. Mastering the Alphabet 3 on Double Sounds
  14. Mastering The Alphabet videos
  15. Forms of Poems
  16. Poems About Life
  17. Stories About Life
  18. Writing letters of the Alphabet for kindergartens

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