Revision On The Partition, Exploration of Africa and German Annexation of Cameroon


Revision On The Partition, Exploration of Africa and German Annexation of Cameroon https://youtu.be/F5ewUg5lVWI

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  1. Some of the reasons why the Europeans explore Africa were _____. To trade, get raw material for their industries, spread the Gospel, etc
  2. 1.The rush by European powers to occupy territories in Africa was known as the _____________. Scramble for Africa
  3. “I saw with infinite pleasure the great object of my mission” where great words spoken by  __________. Mungo Park
  4. When Africa was partitioned Cameroon was given to _______.  Germany
  5. The Niger River reaches the sea through a Delta. Which two brothers discovered this?   Richard and John Lander ( the Lander Brothers)
  6. The European who discovered the source of the River Niger was _______.   Mungo Park
  7. Who convened the Berlin Conference?  Otto Von Bismarck
  8. The Berlin Conference was held in the year __________. 1884
  9. The main aim of the Berlin Conference was ______________. To see into the peaceful partition of Africa
  10. The Germans dug road linking some major towns in Cameroon and also built ______________.  railways
  11. The rush by European powers to occupy territories in Africa was known as the _____. Scramble for Africa
  12. The sharing of African land amongst themselves by the European Powers was known as _______. The Partition of Africa
  13. The Country that was not colonized during the partition of Africa was ____________. Liberia
  14. Africa was termed a dark continent by the Europeans because _____. the interior was unknown
  15. The Berlin Conference was convened in the year______. 1884
  16. The aims or objectives of the Berlin Conference was to _____________. see into the peaceful Partition of Africa
  17. The European power that took the greatest share during the partition of Africa was __________, France    while Britain took the richest part.
  18. The Cape of Good Hope was first reached by ______ on 12 March 1488. Bartolomeu Dias
  19. European exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa begins with the Age of Discovery in the 15th century, pioneered by the Kingdom of ______ under Henry the Navigator. Portugal
  20. __________ was known as the Father of Navigation? Henry the Navigator
  21. _______ explored the upper part of the River Niger in West Africa around 1796 and discovered it’s source. Mungo Park
  22. Livingstone first stepped foot on African soil was in ______Cape Town
  23. _________ was the chief explorer of South Africa. David Livingstone (1813-1873)
  24. ______ and ________ were the first Europeans to follow the course of the River Niger, and discover that it led to the Atlantic. Richard Lemon Lander  and his brother John Lander. (the Lander brothers)
  25. A Portuguese explorer Fernão do Pó discovered the island of ______ on the west coast of Africa. Fernando Po
  26. Cameroon was annexed by Germany on the ______________. 14th July 1884.
  27. The Cameroonians resisted German rule because they used ___________ on the people. Forced Labor.
  28. Some German antiquities in Cameroon are _____________.
  1. The Prime  Ministers Lodge in Buea, 
  2. The Bamenda Fort, 
  3. The old Burial ground in Buea, 
  4. The Old Government School in Buea, 
  5. The Botanical Garden in Limbe.
  1. The German capital of Cameroon was _____________.  Buea
  2. The first German Governor in Cameroon was ___________. Julius Von Sudden 
  3. The person who annexed Cameroon for Germany was ________________. Dr Eugene Nactigal
  4. Dr. Nactigal signed treaties with two Cameroonian Kings. They were _____________ and ______________.   Kings Bell and Akwa
  5. Someone who was sent to annex Cameroon for Britain came too late. Who was he? Dr. Hewitt.  He is known in history as ______.  “Too late Hewitt”
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