General Knowledge Revision on House Craft


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  • Mud floor:
  1. Sprinkle water on the floor before sweeping and smoothen the floor with mud,
  2. Leave for some time to dry,
  3. Then rub with pounded sweet potato leaves and
  4. Cover with plantain leaves for a few hours
  5. Wooden floor:
  6. Sweep and dust daily.
  7. When necessary,
  8. Remove old polish by scrubbing with sandpaper or electric scrubber.
  9. Dry with a rag and apply mansion polish.
  • The mat floor:
  1. Sweep,
  2. Dust and
  3. Apply the polish after.
  4. Cemented floor:
  5. Sweep,
  6. Scrub,
  7. Wipe with a rag and
  8. Apply floor polish
  • Pebble stone floor:
  1. Pick up all the droppings on the floor.
  2. Dust the pebbles

5 Types of walls include________

  1. Thatch wall,
  2. Mud walls,
  3. Wood walls,
  4. Concrete, or cement wall.
  5. Stone walls
  1. Always dust wood, mud and ______thatch walls.
  2. Don’t make stains on _____ walls
  3. Decorate the walls with _____ wallpapers
  4. Renew the paint on the wall when ____ necessary.
  1. Window blinds prevent _____ from throwing their eyes into the house. passers-by
  2. Window coverings are also part of house_____ decoration.
  3. Types of window blinds include_____ linen blind, venation blinds, cotton blinds.
  • Open the doors and windows when _____ sweeping
  • Bring down all the_______ with a broom. cobwebs
  • Sprinkle a little water on the corner towards the _____ door
  • Start sweeping from one corner towards ____ the door.
  • Carry the dirt into the _____ dust bin.
  • _______ all the things in the house. Dust
  • Put the furniture in their____ proper places
  • Collect all the things needed such as _______
  1. basin,
  2. water,
  3. soap, and
  4. soft sponge
  • Prepare a lather in water with _____ soap
  • Wash the glasses _____ carefully
  • Rinse in warm or _____ cold water
  • Turn them upside _____ down
  • Dry the glasses with a ______ soft, clean cloth.
  • Store away in a neat and ______ reserved place
  1. Dust consists of very minute material particles which can be easily ________ blow about by wind.
  2. Dust is found in our rooms, outside and in ____ the air.
  3. The germs in dust are easily blown about and when swallowed will cause _______
  4. cold,
  5. mumps and
  6. measles when breathed into the lungs.
  7. When blown to the eyes cause _____ eye diseases.
  8. Dust cause________ to go bad more easily than they are. materials

Types of metals include ______

  1. Silver,
  2. copper,
  3. bronze,
  4. brass,
  5. Aluminum,
  6. Iron Zinc,
  7. tin,
  8. lead
Types of plastic are______

Celluloid plastics,

Bakelite plastics,




  1. Motherhood or mother craft is a section of Home Economics which helps to make young women to be aware of their big role of ______
  2. To become a mother is a pride because it is the means of helping God in ______ renewing his creation.
  3. To accept this challenge, it is good to understand what makes one a mother and _____ how to care for the children born.


  1. The most important function of the uterus is to provide protection and nourishment for a growing infant during the months that it will remain in its _____ mother’s womb.
  2. Each month before the female life cell is produced the lining of the uterus becomes thickened and softened in preparation to receive ________ the foetus
  3. But where there is no fertilization, this thickened lining of the uterus becomes unnecessary and therefore _________ is eliminated.
  4. This elimination process is known as ________ menstruation
  6. Menstruation usually lasts about _______four to five days.
  7. It is a monthly normal process and begins from the onset of maturity until ______ menopause
  8. The final cessation of menses is between the ages of ____ 45-55 years.
  1. This is the outcome of true love between husband and wife which enables them to ________ have children.
  2. This expression makes it possible for the union of the two life cells of the man and the woman, which occur within the body of the mother known as _________ Fertilization
  3. The life of a human being begins at _________conception
  4. When Fertilization happens, we say that the woman is _____ pregnant
  5. Pregnancy lasts for about _______ months when everything is normal. 9 months
  1. The first signs of pregnancy is usually _____Absence of Menses and Breast changes; that is, ___________ pronounced fullness of the breast, tingling in the breast and tenderness.
  2. Nipple secretion e., ______ a sticky yellowish watery fluid may be experienced from the nipples
  3. Nausea or _______ morning sickness and vomiting
  4. Changes in _______ appetite
  5. Excessive need of _____ sleep
  6. Urinary symptoms, that is _______ begins with the first missed period but soon disappears. frequent urination
  7. Abdominal changes: that is _____ Gradual enlargement of the belly
  8. Other signs are________ pale face, weakness of the body and movements in the stomach
  1. When the child is in the womb, it receives nourishment through the___________ umbilical cord
  2. The umbilical cord which extends from the Centre of the child’s abdominal wall to the _____ mother’s uterus.
  3. It contains __________ which brings fluid and oxygen from the mother to the infant back to the mother. Blood vessels
  4. The child doesn’t _________ during this period, the mother does all that for the child. Eat or breathe
  5. At the end of nine months, the child is released to the outside world by a process known as________ childbirth, which is done by the forceful contraction of the_______ uterus walls.
  6. The child is Pushed through the ____ birth canal or passage.
  7. immediately after birth the midwife takes care of the mother and cuts the ________ umbilical cord.
  8. The remains close to the child are tied and it later withers away and the scar is seen as _____ the navel.
  9. The ________ is the link between the mother and child. navel
  1. Abortion is a miscarriage or the expulsion of an embryo or child during the _________ stages of development in the womb.
  2. Abortion may be caused by _______ diseases
  3. That is why it is good for a pregnant mother to consult and follow the advice of ____ the doctor during pregnancy to ensure the safe birth of the child.
  4. Abortion may also be caused by ________ taking poisonous drugs which kill the unborn baby in the________ This is usually a wicked act done by girls or women who______ don’t want to marry and don’t want to have children.
  5. Unfortunately for them, most often they ________ in trying to kill the baby in their womb. die
  6. This is a serious offence against God the creator, against humanity and a big threat to life, so you should ________ Avoid abortion.
  7. Giving birth to a blessing because that child will help you one day when you are ________ sick or your old.
  1. Protein builds up the body cells so help to keep the woman and her baby healthy. Proteins come from _____ Meat, eggs, milk
  2. Vitamin helps to combat the ________ attack of disease to the body.
  3. Vitamins come from _____ Vegetables and fruits.
  4. Mineral matter: they help to build the ______ liver and kidney.
  5. Fat and oils and carbohydrates should be eaten in small quantities to avoid over________ weight in the child.

An Expectant Mother’s needs include:

  1. Pad
  2. Milk
  3. Flask
  4. Wrappers
  5. Ovaltine
  6. Slippers
  7. Night dress
  8. Rubbing oil
  9. Toothbrush
  10. Sanitary belt
  11. Bathing
  12. Toothbrush
  13. Towel
Baby’s needs include ____
  1. Napkins or diapers,  
  2. box,  
  3. sweaters,  
  4. pillows,  
  5. rubbing oil,
  6. caps,  
  7. towels, 
  8. wipes  
  9. wrappers,
  10. pillowcases,
  11. mattress,  
  12. basin,  
  13. blankets,  
  14. olive oil,  
  15. bandages,  
  16. day dress,  
  17. pants,  
  18. powder,
  19. booties,  
  20. baby’s cot.
The Importance of Bathing Baby
  1. To keep the baby clean
  2. To avoid bad smell or odor
  3. To make the child healthy and strong
Bathing Equipment for a baby include ____
  1. Johnson baby soap,
  2. Johnson baby lotion,
  3. sort sponge,
  4. lux,
  5. oil to rub,
  6. the bath face towel,
  7. a towel
  8. warm water: the water should be normal before the baby is put into it.
  1. The bed of a baby is called ___ baby cot
  2. A baby’s cot is very important because the baby lay in it and is ____ free from contact.
  3. The baby’s cot needs to be always _____ neat
  4. We use _____ to lay the baby’s cot. a mackintosh.




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