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Fruits of my daily reflections 1

Pray with me the fruits of my daily meditation. Fruits of my daily reflections.
Let’s begin with 15 Prayers to uplift our intimacy with God
15 faith searching prayers to keep us closer to our God. …
Let us pray

What’s it all about?

I was just thinking of what to do or better still, where to keep the fruits of my daily reflections; my encounter with my God, when the thought of sharing with great friends like you come to my mind. As children of God we are called to share, to love, to care for one another and to walk humbly with God. Though having prayed my written daily prayers over and over again, I still feel more closely united with my God each time I pray with. It is usually a source of strength and consolation to me especially in times of dryness and weariness when I do not feel to pray, for in those moments I just read and pray from one prayer to the next. So, Instead of keeping them to myself I ask myself why can I not share with my friends. At first I used to pray and would not care writing my inspirations down but when I discovered that God truly and directly answered some of my prayers I decided writing them down since June 2020, and I would get back to some with thanksgiving updates whenever I receive a direct answer. My reflections and inspiration has always come from daily mediation texts sent to me by my Spiritual Director and some from the daily Mass Readings and other spiritual material like life of saints and novenas. Not forgetting the Hallow Prayer App with its daily Lectio Divina and other prayers that I cherish so much. So dear friends, pray with me the insights of my daily prayers, for prayer is the key to any good life. Remember you will not go empty handed for no prayer is small or goes unanswered.

Let us pray :

  1. My lord and my God, I have confidence in you

My lord and my God I worship, praise and honor you. Ever present Lord, I give you all the adoration. I have confidence in you, you are always with me, by day and by night. My knowledge of you makes me strong. Journeying with you is a treasure that gives me confidence. I have nothing to fear when my God is by my side; my refuge and strength. All I long for is to be in your presence always. Father I trust in you. Amen

2. Father, let me understand the meaning of my life and live it.

My loving Father, I have confidence in you for I believe that you know me and you have a better plan for me. I know you created me to live, love, serve you and to be happy with you now and forever in heaven. Though at times this knowledge is blinded by my daily toils and is dull to understand, o Lord my God, I continue to put my trust in you. Give me the grace daily to live the meaning of my life fully. Amen.

3. My faithful Father, help me reject fear but believe, hope and trust you.

My Faithful Father, you did not make me out of fear but out of love, not for darkness but for light. Why should I fear Lord when you are with me always even till the end of time? Father, may I love more and trust you more for fears come from the evil one. Help me to be able to say no to the ways of darkness that I may walk in your light and in your peace so as to reject and conquer fears and all it’s negativities in my life. My Lord and my God I believe, trust and hope in you. Amen

4. Abandonment in God’s Love

With an everlasting love you care for me o Lord, I will sing forever of your love. Take my life, I surrender to your sweet love for you are so good to me my God. How can I repay you for your unconditional love and goodness than abandoning myself to your love, and to love you in return? I abandon myself Lord to your unconditional love, help me to love you too in others. Permit me enjoy your love and love you despite my weaknesses. I praise and love you lord for the wonders of my being. Amen

5. Loving Father thank you for your everlasting love

I thank you lord for your everlasting love for me. Knowing that you love me unconditionally makes me grow in joy and happiness and helps me feel like loving others the way you love me. Melt me, mold, and fill me with your everlasting love. I surrender to your love for you are my strength, my rock, my salvation. Amen

6. Lord Jesus, by my acts let your people feel your unconditional love

Lord Jesus, lover of my soul. Help me to do things the way you want them done. Fill my acts with gentle touches of love. May whoever I encounter never go back untouched by your love through me. By my actions let your people feel your unconditional love. How I wish their burdens also go lighter through words of consolation in sharing with them. Lord Jesus help me with a loving and tender heart towards my family and others. I love you Jesus.

7. Most Chaste St. Joseph help me to be chaste in thoughts words and acts

Most Chaste St. Joseph, pray for me to your Son my Lord Jesus that he may fill me with pleasant thoughts. That with my mouth I may alter pleasant words of love, peace, joy and harmony today and always. Lord Holy Spirit help me to be conscious of what I think, say, or do like St Joseph today. St. Joseph most chaste, pray for me and teach me to be chaste in thoughts words and acts. Amen

8. Loving Father let me hear your voice and know what you want me to do

Loving Father let me hear your voice and know what you want me to do. Let me respond to that inner voice, those flashes of truth that at times I ignore or wave away unconsciously just to see them come to pass sooner or later. Help me not to ignore your voice again but be more keen to listen and hear you. Let me think truth, love and live truth. Sweet Jesus my Good Shepherd, you are with me always I know. Help me to acknowledge your presence always and to understand you. Amen

9. Heavenly Father, make me tender and loving as a child

Father before you formed me in the womb you knew me through and through and an innocent baby I was born into this world. What a tender, loving and beautiful baby I was. Father though I’m now so changed in all aspects I would like to be like the baby your created. To put all my trust in you and depend on you for all my needs. To love the world innocently and serve it tenderly. Fill my heart o Lord with the tender love and innocence of a child and may I be yours now and forever. Amen

10. Fill my mind and heart with thoughts of you o my God

Holy is your name o Lord my God. To you belong all praise and adoration. In the morning I fill my mind and heart with thoughts of you rather than any junk because you are holy and loving; you give me life, joy and happiness. I want to relate lovingly, simply, and naturally to anyone and anything you created today and forever, so to see you always because I love you my God. Spirit of God, Spirit of Jesus, help me Lord. St Joseph, head of my family, pray for me. Amen

11. You have paid the price for my life Lord

Yes my Lord and my God, you’ve paid the price for my salvation. Dear Lord, continue to deliver me from the evil one. Amen

12. Jesus you are the rock on which I stand, you hold my life

“The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it didn’t fall, for it was founded on the rock.” Jesus you are the rock on which I stand, you hold my life, I trust in you.  You know my beginning and my end. I only found myself in the middle of a journey you know all about and I know  you  are always by my side and knows the  remaining part of the journey. I need not  worry even when the rain falls, the flood comes and the winds blow for you are here with me. Thank you sweet Jesus. Amen.

13. Father Lord, you are my author and finisher, your plans for me are perfect

Who can battle with you  my God? Nobody, you alone are the author and finisher and your plan for my life is perfect. Everything happens according to your will and your hand is always at work in my life. Whom can I trust apart from you o my God. If I go up to the mountains or down in the valley you are there guiding and protecting.  May I walk always in the path you’ve lay for me . Fill my mind with thoughts of your ways, and directions to follow. Thank you  loving Father.  Amen.

14. Lord Jesus may they be blessed those who hurt me in anyway

Lord Jesus you thought us to pray and ask the Father’s forgiveness as we forgive those who sinned against us. Lord give me the grace to forgive with all my heart any who had ever wronged me in anyway for they did not know what they were doing. May they receive God’s blessings now and forever. May the Father’s forgiveness and blessings also fill my heart and keep me far from ill feelings or revenge. With all my heart,  I declare my love for them all. Amen.

15. Saint Joseph, teach me how to dream of good things

Thank you Lord for this new day. What a miracle and great  blessing it is to get up in peace and health. One step at a time the expected and unknown future unfolds with its many blessings, thank you Lord. St Joseph in your interior life you dreamed of good things and they came to pass. Teach me how to dream o spiritual father, and to trust in God’s will and providence. Talk about us to your Divine Son our Lord Jesus. St Joseph, head of my family, pray for us. Amen.

To be continued in our next block. Courage!


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