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Information And Communication Technology  (I C T)

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Information And Communication Technology

  1. I C T stands for__________ Information and Communication Technology
  2. Using the computer, we can search the internet for information on all subjects and works of life such as in ___________ Education, transport, medicine, social life, etc.
  3. Bad information can also be gotten from the internet, so we should always search for good information that can help us _______ in our education and social life.
  4. We should always avoid bad information about __________ immorality, occultism, and all bad practices.
  5. Communication is defined as the act of sending and ________ information from one person to another. Receiving
  6. The fastest way of sending information is through the _______ Mobile phone
  7. Some means of communication are _________
  1. the radio,
  2. the cell phone,
  3. the Television,
  4. the computer, etc.

Some modern ICT tools are __________

  1. the digital camera,
  2. the radio,
  3. the cell phone,
  4. the Television,
  5. the computer, etc.

Some local communication tools are ________

  1. the drum,
  2. the flute,
  3. the whistle, etc.
  4. Modern ICTs use _____________ while local ICT tools do not. Power or electricity

Some types of computers are _________

  1. Desktop computers
  2. laptop computers
  3. Palmtops (such as iPhone, iPad)
  4. Workstations
  5. Minicomputers and
  6. Supercomputers.
  1. The largest type of computer is the ______Supercomputer
  2. The smallest types of computers are the _______ palmtops
  3. There are two distinct components of a computer namely ____ hardware and software
  4. All computer parts that you can physically see or touch are called _________ Hardware
  5. Computer programs that instruct the functioning of the hardware, that we cannot see, nor touch are called ____ Software
  6. Hardware components are divided into _____ and _____ Input and output devices,

Some input devices are _____

  1. the keyboard, the mouse
  2. digital camera, scanner
  3. the bar code reader,
  4. light pen
  5. speech recognition

Some output devices are ______

  1. the monitor
  2. the printer

Some processing devices are _______

  1. the system unit
  2. the motherboard
  3. the power supply
  4. the processor
  5. the computer memory
  6. the system’s clock.

Some storage devices used for storing information are________

  1. Hard disk or Drive C
  2. Compact disk or Drive D
  3. Flash disk or Drive F
  4. Floppy disk or drive A
  5. The DVD drive.
  1. The Hard disk drive is also known as_________ drive C
  2. The floppy disk drive is also known as _______ drive A
  3. The Compact Disk (CD) drive is also known as _____ drive D
  4. The flash disk drive is also known as _______ drive F
  5. DVD stands for ______ Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc
  6. A box-like case that houses the electronic components of a computer is called _______ the system unit.
  7. The _________ part is the computer is known as the brain of the computer. The CPU
  8. CPU stands for _______ Central Processing Unit.
  9. The main board where all other devices are connected is called _ the motherboard.
  10. There are two types of computer memory namely ____ RAM (Random Access Memory), and ROM (Read Only Memory)
  11. Memory is measured in __________ Bites
  12. One bite is equivalent to __________ 1 character.
  13. The first computer was created in _____ at the Pentagon. USA
  14. The computer language is in ____ Binary codes, zero and ones (01010101)
  15. Three types of Keyboards are ____________ the QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY
  16. A keyboard labeled in English is the ________ QWERTY
  17. The keyboard is divided into six parts, namely ___
  18. the Numerical Keypad that deals with _______ numbers
  19. The Function Keypad which numbers from ___ to ___ F1 to F12; contains the Escape key that helps you escape or exit from certain _____ programs
  20. The modified Keypad modifies the functioning of some keys when the two are _______ Pressed together.
  21. The Number Pad for typing text that is made up of _____ Numbers and some mathematical signs. It includes the Number Lock and _____ Key. Enter Key
  22. The indicator keys show the number of keys that are ____ turned on.
  23. The Arrow Keypad, which consists of buttons, used to move the cursor to_______ specific directions
  24. There are basically two types of software namely ____ System Software and Application Software.
  25. System Software is also known as ______ operating system
  26. Examples of operating systems are Microsoft Windows such as ______ Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7,
  27. From the back part of the computer or outside the system unit, other peripherals can be connected to the computer using _______ Ports

Examples of the Application software used for performing the different tasks are ______

  1. Word processing
  2. Spreadsheets
  3. Database Management
  4. Desktop processing programs
  5. presentation packages
  6. Communication Applications
  7. Tutorials,
  8. Multimedia Programs
  9. Some Microsoft Office programs are ______
  10. Microsoft word,
  11. word perfect,
  12. open office document,
  13. LibreOffice document.

Some functions of the computer are ______

  1. The computer accepts data also known as _____ Input
  2. The computer processes data into _____ information
  3. The computer sends out _____information also known as output
  4. The computer stores _______ Data and information
  1. Raw facts received by the computer for processing are also called __ data
  2. What the computer produces is known as ______ Output
  3. We boot or open the computer by pressing the ______ Start Button
  4. The act of starting the computer is known as _____ Booting
  5. It is important to protect our computers mostly from __ Viruses
  6. Bad programs that destroy our documents and files are called ___ Viruses
  7. A virus can enter your computer through ____ downloading from the Internet or through a flash disk.
  8. To fight or prevent viruses from attacking our machine we should install ________ updated Anti-virus
  9. The button we use when shutting down our computer is the __ Start button
  10. The background screen we see when we put on the computer is referred to as the ________ Desktop
  11. Things found on the desktop are ______ Icons, Taskbar, start button, the mouse pointer
  12. A small window that opens when a command is sent is called a _______ dialogue box
  13. Small pictures on the desktop that represent programs are called ______ Icons

Five importance of the computer are ______

  1. The computer is faster and produces large quantities of____information
  2. The computer is high in _____ accuracy
  3. It helps to increase the output, sales, and profit of a _____company
  4. The computer links the______Internet
  5. The computer can work on very many types of programs and do ___ tough calculations.
  1. A typed and saved document is called _______ a file
  2. A ________can contain many files. A folder

Some disadvantages of a computer are ______

  1. Information can easily be destroyed by ____
  2. It is too expensive to ______ buy
  3. It cannot be operated in the absence of ____ electricity
  4. When electrical power goes off unsaved files may be _____ lost
  5. It leads to a high level of _______ unemployment

Seven uses of the mouse are to __________

  1. Click; to insert the cursor or to choose an option from a dialog box.
  2. Right-click; to choose a command from a pop-up menu.
  3. Click and drag a text to other places or destinations.
  4. Click and drag to select text or formatting.
  5. Double-click: to open programs or select a word.
  6. Triple-click; to select a sentence e.g.
  7. Scroll through your work using the mouse scroll button.

Some components of a Microsoft Word Window are_________

  1. The Title Bar is the top bar where the name of the ___ is written. document
  2. The Menu Bar is _____the second bar at the top of the window where menu names are written such as _____ Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailing, Review, and view.
  3. The standard toolbar is found below the menus bar with formatting tools for ______ Font, Font size, bulleting, indentation, sorting, paragraphing, etc.

The Formatting toolbar with commands like ___

  1. bold,
  2. italics,
  3. underscore,
  4. strikethrough,
  5. subscript, and superscript,
  6. change case,
  7. Text Highlight color,
  8. font color,
  9. text alignment,
  10. line spacing,
  11. shading, etc.
  12. After the toolbars, we find the work area where _____ is done. Writing by typing
  13. Where to insert a text is indicated by a blinking ___ cursor or insertion point.
  14. The scroll bar is found on the ___ side of the work area. right-hand side
  15. The rulers are located on the top and left-hand side of the ___ work area
  16. To save your work for the first time after typing, click the ____ button. Save button.
  17. To save your work subsequently, click ___ in the start menu. Then choose your location and write the file name. Save As
  18. You can save your work and retrieve it in or from the _____ Hard drive in My Document, desktop, CD drive, flash drive, etc.
The shortcut keys for these options are ____
  1. Save _____ Control + S (ctrl + S)
  2. Copy ______ Control + C (ctrl + C)
  3. Cut ______ Control + X (ctrl + X)
  4. Paste _____ Control + V (Ctrl + V)
  5. Select all ______ Control + A (ctrl + A)
  6. New Document _____ Control + N (ctrl + N)
  7. Formatting is to put text in different styles, such as ______
  8. Boldg., letters – letters
  9. Italics. internet = internet
  10. Change Case. uno = UNO
  11. Underscore or underlying., Beans give us proteins.
  12. Text Highlight color. style,
  13. Font size and type. k, k
  14. Superscript or subscript. 1st, 2nd, CO2, H2O
  15. Strikethrough. bananas
  16. Sort in Alphabetical order. Albert, Angela, Bridget, Max, Rita.
  17. Numbering or bulleting., 1, 2, 3, – – –
  18. The font color, style
  19. Paragraphs and Single or double line spacing.
  20. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Internet

  1. A connection of so many computers all over the world is known as ______ the internet.
  2. We can search for information on the internet using the ____ Search Engines.
  3. The most important search engine is ____
  4. From our computers, we can enter the internet using internet browsers such as ____ Internet Explorer, Firefox, opera mini, etc.
  5. Some examples of social media are ______ Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  6. To send a mail through the internet we need ______ an Email Address.
  7. Examples of E-mail addresses are ____ nebahnguh@yahoo.com, maryjunior@gmail.com
  8. Sections on the internet that handle subjects or belong to companies or individuals are called ________
  9. The internet is subdivided into many Domains each having a ___ Domain Name.
  10. Some domain names end with ____ .com, .gov., .fr, etc.
  11. An internet or e-mail address is written in ____ small letters.

Information And Communication Technology

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Information And Communication Technology

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