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The Verb

What are verbs?
Forms of Verbs
Regular verbs
Irregular verbs
Auxiliary verbs
The Passive and Active Voices
Linking Verbs
Modal verbs

The verb Adjectives and Adverbs Mastering the Alphabet 3; Double Sounds; Enabling Reading for Slow Learners
A verb expresses action (with the verb ‘to be’) or makes a statement about a person or thing. Every sentence must have a subject and a verb.
Types of Verbs
a) Action Verbs: These express both physical and mental action: e.g. ,,,
What are verbs
Types of verbs

Forms of verbs
Regular Verbs
Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs
Irregular verbs
irregular verbs
Auxiliary Verbs
The passive and active voice

Linking Verbs
Modal Verbs
The Verb
The Verb Mastering the Alphabet 2; Sounds in words; Enabling Reading for Slow Learners Mastering the Alphabet 1 Enabling Reading for Slow Learners
English Lessons Object Identification for Slow Learners

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