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The /f/ sound in Nkwen Language

F f

fә̀ngә̀gә̀rǝ → an ant

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The /fsound in Nkwen Language is an unvoiced sound made through the mouth without the use of your vocal chords. It is also called a fricative, as it is produced by high pressure air flow between a narrow space made by the front teeth and the lips. It comes at the beginning of some words but mostly occupies the medial positions.

F   f

fusә  → remove

fәkәbә →  Spoon

fә̀’ә̀tǝ → measure/imitate

forә  → a rat

fә̀mtә → to bury something in the ground

fusә   → to vomit/to remove

fὲrә̀  → wind

fәtә →  blow a bit

fә̀ngә̀gә̀rǝ → an ant

Àfә̀fàrә̀ → weaver bird

àfwo  → medicine/a leaf

àfὲrә̀  → a blame

àfùfùˀù  → a cockroach

Àfoŋә̀  → a name (m)

fòŋǝ – a cup

fә →  breeze

Ǹfùˀù  → a big hole

Ngwifò  → name (f)

Ngwifà’à  → name (F)

Toŋtә ǹjì koˀo (Read aloud)

      Àfoŋә̀ à fu әghә̌ nkǐ, nyìi nlaŋǝkә yi mânduŋǝ ntәmtә ә̀fә̀fàrә dzwi. À tә̀mә ә̀fә̀fàrè dzwi nә̀fâ nә mә̀nenә mi nәfâ. Ǹnà ә̀fә̀fàrә̀ ә̀ lә̀mtә susu.

Free Translation

Afong delays on his way to the stream because he is hunting Weaver birds. He has shot eight weaver birds and eight grass birds. The flesh of Weaver birds is so tasty.

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