Matter And The Environment Revision For Kids 4 Through 12

Matter And The Environment Revision
Matter And The Environment Revision
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412. The surroundings where man, animals and plants live is called the______________ environment. 

  1. There are three kinds of environments. They include: _____________ the atmosphere, the soil, and water environments. 
  2. Anything that exists in each of the environments listed above is called ____ matter. There are two types of matter, namely;___________ Organic matter and inorganic matter
  1. Organic matter: it is made up of all living things and each has ___________  weight and occupies space. 
  2. Organic matter usually dies and decays. Examples of organic matter include ___________ plants, food, animals, fruits, etc.
  3. Some positive effects of organic matter are  __________
  1. They serve as_____________  homes to other living organisms
  2. When they decompose or decay they form __________ manure
  3. Their waste products__________ Enrich the soil.
  4. Plants help to purify the air during the process of ____ photosynthesis.
  5. Some negative effects of organic matter are that ___________
  1. When it decays it produces __________ bad odor.
  2. When poorly handled they_________ pollute the environment.
  3. Some animals and birds _________ some plants and crops in the environment.  destroy
  4. The_________  waste products of animals pollute the environment.
  1. Inorganic matter is made up of_______ that has weight and occupies space. non-living matter
  2. Some characteristics of inorganic matter are ______
  • They are non-living 
  • They are very hard
  • They are very heavy
  • They hardly decompose
  1.  Examples of inorganic matter include___ stones, iron, sand, soil, water, etc.
  2. Man-made matter are things man has used to produce which make _________________  life easier. 
  3. Some organic matter has been transformed by man as follows:
  • The making of _________ from various plant fruits.  fruit juice
  • The making of ________ from animal fat. butter
  • The production of wool from_________  the skin of some animals. leather, dresses
  • The production of _________ from plants. paper
  1. Some inorganic matter has been transformed by man as follows.
  • Stones are shaped to build __________ houses.
  • Sand and cement are mixed with water to__________ make blocks.
  • Iron is cut into________ rods.
  • Deadwood is used to make__________  furniture.


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