Personal Prayers For Self-improvement

Personal Faith Seeking Prayers

Personal Faith Seeking Prayers

What is personal prayer?

When an individual in a quiet mode, prays; pouring out the self in loud or hidden cries of supplication, thanksgiving, praise, worship, listening and or petitioning to God, it is known as Personal Prayer. Personal prayer wells up from the depths of the heart of the person who prays with faith. Personal prayer can also be inspired by several practices like frequent reading of the Bible and meditations, the reading of liturgical material and participation in liturgical or community prayer. Personal prayer is personal and peculiar to the person, guided by his free will, but can also be shared in a group when members are requested to pray individually to the hearing of all. Personal prayer gives you the assurance that you are with God, and God is with you. Personal prayer can be in words, in songs, and in written forms. I am grateful to God for His grace that led me in the month of April, to meditate, pray and write down some of my personal prayers. When I write down my prayers, I feel so secured because it would serve as a great source of motivation to me when I get back to them with awe, especially on days of dryness. I would listen to the audio prayerfully where ever, and whenever I’m chanced, and this makes me most often to feel, I’ve been praying all day. Feel very free to pray with me by listening to the audios or by reading through in faith. You will not go empty-handed but full of graces for our God is so generous. Let us pray

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Personal Faith Seeking Prayers

Audio Playlist

Personal Faith Seeking Prayers

  1. Personal Prayer – My April Prayers for Self-improvement
  2. Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith – Fruits Of My Daily Reflection for March
  3. Prayer As An Object Of WorshipMy January with the Lord
  4. Prayer As A Lamp Of Life Lighting Up My Whole Life And Leading Me To God – My February Reflection
  5. Prayer as an Object of worship – My January with the Lord
  6. Prayer as a sure encounter with God; My December with the Lord
  7. Prayer as a Uniting Factor – My November with the Lord
  8. Overcoming Spiritual Dryness, A Daily Prayer Journal, My October with the Lord
  9. “I am the Way the Truth and the Life” My September with the Lord.
  10. Life In The Holy Spirit Is Life In Christ Through Prayers – My August Reflections
  11. Prayers Of Faith, My July With the Lord
  12. Prayer as a Desire of the Heart. Seek and you will find. Prayer as a Desire of the Heart – My June with the Lord
  13. Daily Prayers Key To Success – My May with the Lord
  14. Prayers For Self-fulfilment, Knock, And The Door Will Be Opened To You – My March 2022 with the Lord
  15. Prayers For Spiritual Growth – My April with the Lord
  16. Prayers For Strength In The Lord – My February 2022 with the Lord
  17. Prayers For Self-Improvement 1
  18. Fruits of my daily reflections 1
  19. Fruits of my daily reflections 2
  20. Fruits of my Daily Meditation 3
  21. Prayers For Self Improvement – My March with the lord

Personal Faith Seeking Prayers


Personal Prayer – My April Prayers for Self-improvement

Personal Prayer Jn.11:47-48 April 1, 2023 Everything works for my good, dear Lord Loving Jesus, you embrace the cross even though you were accused for unjust reasons. You gave your life for our good; the salvation of the world. You teach me that everything works for the good of those who put their trust inContinue reading “Personal Prayer – My April Prayers for Self-improvement”


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Psalm and Alleluia Acclamation And Gospel For Fourth Sunday of Easter Year A

Fourth Sunday of Easter Year A   Podcast player Responsorial Psalm – Psalms 23:1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6. R. (1) The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want. 1  The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2  In verdant pastures he gives me repose; beside restful waters he leads me; 3A Continue reading “Psalm and Alleluia Acclamation And Gospel For Fourth Sunday of Easter Year A”

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