Poems About Life – Different Forms Of Poems

"Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest."  Prov.6:6-8

Poems About Life

This page about Poems About Life presents different forms of poems about life that range from Loop poetry, ABC Poetry, Spiritual writings, Love poems, acrostic writings, minute poems, faith poetry, free-form poems, and many others. It offers great help to students in the field of poetry.


Poems About Life
Poems About Life

Poems About Life

1. Befriend Your Calendar

Alarms are for use by all. (Loop Poetry)

Befriend your calendar and set alarms.
Alarms are for use by all men.
Men who do not claim to know like Mr. Kan. 
Mr. Kan had trusted his mind.

Mind failed to announce his daughter’s birthday and then his.
His was five days later, daughter’s a week and messy.
Messy things would happen when alarms are not set.
Set your alarm daily to avoid embarrassment.

Embarrassments are caused by laziness.
Laziness, thing to avoid.
Avoid laziness in your life.
Life goes well with good timing.
Poems About Life

2. Radical Love

The Power Of Genuine Love. (Love Poetry)
Things That Matter For All
What Love is about
When she goes radical
She can live with a pig
She can live with a gorilla
She can live with a lion
She can live with a goat
Love can move mountains.

When she goes radical
she can move with the blind
she can journey with the insane
she can talk with the doom
She can speak with the deft
Love can move mountains.

When she goes radical
she can befriend a witch
she can befriend a wizard
she can change a gangster
she can change an addict
Love can move mountains.

When she goes radical
she can convert the snake
she can straighten the fox
she can calm the gorilla
she can tame the tiger
Love can move mountains.

When she goes radical
she can surrender her right
she can surrender her leisure
she can surrender her food
she can give up her life
Love can move mountains.

3. Caterpillars and Butterflies

Caterpillars become butterflies. (ABC Poetry)

At the beginning of summer, comes

Beautiful caterpillars that have survived the winter.

Caterpillars usually metamorphose into butterflies.

Dangerous caterpillars may turn out to be very beautiful butterflies.

Elegantly looking, they beautify our compounds when they are

Flying around colorfully in summer,

Gathering pest around and

Helping in the pollination of our plants.


In effect, they also fall prey to other animals like bats and birds, as food

Just imagine them falling in the claws of these preys and can’t

Kindle their young ones for their procreation

Long Live their generation, as some would always survive

Making sure procreation is continued

Not even God would end what he created

or terminate their existence


Preying birds would always prey

Quick and swift they go

Resting not from food search

Some would eat nothing

Than praying insects

Unless they meet fruits or chaste

Very beautiful butterflies all day to eat

Waxing strong, that’s how they live

Xello will let you choose to care for insects or animals like

Zebras in the future.


Poems About Life

4. Mutual Love

Couples intimacy. (Love Poem Poetry)
You would never know what it’s all about
Until you test and see.

You would wonder why couples fight
but are stuck together
Listen to critics but focus on their business
Until you test and see.

You would wonder why couples
Say, “You mean the whole world to me.”
Lose appetite but fulfilled close together
Until you taste and see.

You would wonder why couples
Abandoned their jobs just to stay close together
Die for each other to defend their stand
Until you taste and see.

You would wonder why couples
would say, “I’ll die for you.”
“I’ll never find another you.”
Until you taste and see.

You would wonder why couples
Say, “I would never be satisfied having you.”
“I would love you even in the next world.”
Until you taste and see.

You would never know what it’s all about
Until you test and see.

5. My God

He Is Worthy Of My Praise. (My Faith Poeptry)
My God is so big, no one can enfold him
My God is so round, no one can go round him
My God is so tall, no one can go above him
My God is so deep, no one can go beneath him
My God is worthy of praise.

My God is so beautiful and made me beautiful
My God is love, he fills me with himself to share
My God is merciful and wants me to be merciful
My God is forgiving, he pardons all my wrongs
My God is worthy of praise.

My God is all-powerful, there is none like him
My God is always present, he never abandons me
My God is all-knowing, he knows everything about me
My God is a great counselor, he directs me on the right paths
My God is worthy of praise.

When my God opens the door, no one can close it
When my God says yes, no one can say no
When my God brightens, no one can darken
When my God unites, no one can separate
My God is worthy of praise.

6. Nature Ways

Indicators of the seasons. (Minute Poem)
The Minute Poem is a 60 syllable verse form, one syllable for each second in a minute. 
If you see trees shedding their leaves
Fall is around
Winter is soon
Snow might appear

If you see the birds migrating
The weather is cold
Snow is around
Snowflakes would fly

If you see trees sprouting their leaves
Spring is around
Summer will come
Hot weather then

7. Goodness Menu

Being good. (Acrostic Poetry)

An acrostic poem is a style of poetry in which certain letters from the poem spell out a name, word, or even an entire phrase.

Get yourself organized first
Offer yourself as a living sacrifice
Offer gifts to others
Do the best you can to others
Never discriminate
Earnestly counsel others
Serve others first
Sincerely put your trust in God

8. Happiness

Happiness is just around but difficult to find. (Free Verse Poem)
Happiness is within me and what I want to be. I decide to be happy not just wait for it to come. Pays one point and 2 member cents.
She’s around you and your desire to be
But you have to watch out dear
So difficult she is to get
You may just lose her and regret it.

Embed in every tiny thing
But yet so difficult to fine
And surrounds all nature
Yet so expensive to explore.

She lingers in humans hearts
Waiting to be recognized
Yet they search out in the world
Where she is difficult to find.

Dig deeper, with sincerity, honesty
You might just find her deep within
Laying golden down so deep
Pull her out, and feel her joy.

Use her then, sorrow and fears gone
Love, joy, peace, and health would be yours
Then you may just see her around
Emanating from your good deeds.

9. I Carry On Lessons

I only proceed with lessons learned from all ought. (3-6-9 Poem)

When one goes through tough times, the tendency is that he/she may become too worried, full of fears, and even despair. I think the best thing to do is just forget everything, pick up the lessons learned, and journey on.

Fear go far,
My lessons I carry,
Please, Come not again another day.

Sadness, go!
You have disgusted me
Please, come not, I carry on lessons.

Abuse, go!
For God’s sake, I’m done, man
Please, come not, I carry on lessons.

10. I Saw A Ghost

He was frightened by a tree’s shadow. (Free Form Poem)

At times when one is far from an object, especially at dusk or in the night, it may look frightful.

I couldn’t dare take one more step down the river,
His image was dark and frightful,
From head to toe, so huge.
With backward steps, then I sprang and pant,
Crying and screaming;
“A ghost, a ghost, Mom!”

Back to my mom, with no water in my bucket.
Have you seen a ghost or something son?
Sure sure, right there, on the river’s road.
With my hand claps in hers,
She led me on to see and believe.
O o! Just a shadow of the mulberry tree we saw.

11. One Beak Gives Lives

Mother bird gives life to her young with a single beak. (No Rules Poetry Contest)

I see God’s miracle every day in the things He created.

Mother bird toiled and toiled all day,
In her mouth, she comes with good food,
To feed her tender young.
Who wait with anxious screams.

With their lovely beaks opened wide,
Mother bird drops in the sweet grains,
Each kids scrambles and screams,
Before it goes hungry.

God truly cares for his creatures,
One beak to feed many young ones,
Who can not help themselves,
God still does miracles.

At last, on a bright sunny day,
When their wings have grown and matured,
No kid waits to say thanks,
To the sweet mommy bird.

“We can fly now, our wings are stronger,
Bye, bye brothers, we shall meet soon,
In the meadow, we play,
Fly, have fun, and dance.”

12. We Are Leaves

13. True Love

Some aspects of True Love (Free Verse Poems)

In our world of today, the definition of love is so complex, and not even the nature of true love is clear to many. I know many attempts have been made in defining true love, this is just one of such. I pray you would have one of the verses to cherish.

Golden laying in purest hearts,
Out so sweet, your world goes round,
And that is just her true nature.

Difficult to recognize, yet steadiness not floating
Her trust is perfect and firm,
No room for doubt she leaves.

As open as a book that any debtor can read and cherish,
As she’s always fully groomed,
No matter what it takes.

Firm in tribulations, steadfast in trials,
She’s not only sweet but sweet during sweat, and bitter is sweet.
In her, better or worse, always Sweet.

Her eyes filled with God: Love, always,
Within her, there’s nothing totally wrong,
Right and wrong the same, lovely and fixable.

Hers is giving and not seizing,
She upgrades and not downgrades,
And that is just how she functions.

Touches of hers are gentle, tender, and caring,
Who knows if some are irritating?
For no wrong record, she keeps.

Her blind but soft weak eyes can’t see,
But only see the feel,
How gentle, tender, soft, and caring they are.

Meet and combined with opposite co-friend,
Ah! Their world goes round,
As sweet and mutual they can be.

No pain exists, all neutralized,
Then heaven on Earth thou didst bring,
That is how powerful thou are.

How I wish you could find,
Someone as beautiful as thou,
Then life forever is sweet and sure.

Why can’t we find you in ‘day’s world?
Nicknames; honey, sweetheart, Lovely,
Thou nature’s disguised by many.

14. I Read The Book You Wrote

A novel that changed my life and gave me faith and hope. (My Faith Poetry)

My inspiration came from a novel I read in which one Priest shared his experience of difficult times he went through but in the end, he survive after hiding in a cave for a long time. Most inspiring was its brief description, “The rain fell, the floods came, the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it did not fall.” Thus, the last lines of this poem.

It nurtured me up strong and firm,
Gives me faith and meaning in life.
Reading the book that you wrote:
“The Rain Fell, …

You know not of your deed Father.
That a soul lifted up ’cause thee,
Has believed the book you wrote,
The Floods Came, …

When the tempest is very high,
My recall on your art I chill,
Because of the book that you wrote,
The Wind Blew, …

I’ve stood firm in a great fire.
I have stood firm in deep waters.
Because I read the book you wrote, …
And Beat House, …

When weariness and tempt come close,
And no one seems to care I cry,
I turn to read the book you wrote, …
It didn’t fall.”

15. Yam Digging Stress

It’s stressful to dig yams with the wrong tool. (Loop Poetry)

Many farmers around the world are presently experiencing the planting and digging of yams because yams are fast becoming an international food crop.

I broke my knife on yams digging;
Digging yams is hard with a knife.
Knife the yam and you lose $5.
5$ makes a lot of loss.

Loss of a coin, huge deficit.
Deficit scare farmers like you.
You must not use a knife in digging yams.
Yams are so good but hard to dig.

16. Rainfall

How sometimes rain begins falling and where it’s water goes. (Ryhming Poem)

This rhyme would help kids understand rainfall better. I hope you will enjoy it and share it with the kids around you.

Whoosh goes the breeze,
Blowing all the grass around.
whoosh goes the breeze.

Vuu vuu goes the wind,
Bending all the trees around.
Vuu vuu goes the wind.

Bang bang goes thunder,
Following a lightning strike.
Bang bang goes thunder.

Tap tap goes the rain,
Falling from its home on high.
Tap tap goes the rain.

Dzwuu dzwuu, goes the fall,
Pouring water at the sea.
Dzwuu dzwuu, goes the fall.

17. If You Believe

Believe and grace. “My Faith Poetry)
If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” 
And you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,
you will be saved. 

If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, 
If you believe that so do those who sleep in Jesus; 
You will live forever.

If you Trust in the Lord,
If you put down your pride,
You will be blessed.

If you do not lean on your own understanding,
If you acknowledge him as Alpha and Omega,
He will make your part straight.

If you believe in the name of the Son of God,
If you have confidence in his divine providence,
You have eternal life.

If you believe that there is hope beyond the grave,
If  you believe that Christ opened the door of heaven for us,
You will live.

If you hope in the Lord,
If you wait for his loving-kindness,
You will be filled with all joy and peace.

18. Heart And Soul Recieve My Love

Longing for the Lord as he comes on Christmas and always. (My Faith Poetry)
This is a Spiritual Poem about longing for the Lord as he comes on Christmas and always. It is a spiritual poem about life and self-improvement. Get more from the link below.
Baby Jesus on the Manger
Baby Jesus
My heart and my soul be ready, 
Make room for my Love and my God, 
On the lights, dispel the darkness of sin.
Clean the paths, all smelled with mischiefs, 
Put the ornaments of pleasant language.

Behold, He stands at the door and knocks, 
Be ready lest he finds an unclean room,
Or a dry weary land without food and drink,
Get ready the food of love and cheerfulness, 
And the wine of joy and happiness,
To dine and wine with him. 

He is my Love, my Lord,
My King in majesty enrobed, 
Open wide your doors and gates, my heart and soul, 
Let him in, the Love of my life, my Savior,
The rock on which I stand, 
The rock that holds my life. 

When you are ready and let him in, 
Then confidently, would I sing and shout his praises,
Would I embrace my salvation from above,
Would  I worship and glorify him day and night, 
Then life unending with Him, alleluia.
Poems About Life

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