Poems About Life

Poems About Life

Poems About Life presents different forms of poems about life that range from Loop poetry, ABC Poetry, Spiritual writings, Love poems,  acrostic, minute, faith poetry, and many others. It offers great help to students in the field of poetry. You can go to our post, Forms Of Poems About Life to get the full samples of these poems on this website.

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Poems About Life
Poems About Life

Poems About Life

1. Befriend Your Calendar

2. Radical Love

3. Caterpillars and Butterflies

4. Mutual Love

5. My God

6. Nature Ways

7. Goodness Menu

8. Happiness

9. I Carry On Lessons

10. I Saw A Ghost

11. One Beak Gives Lives

12. We Are Leaves

13. True Love

14. I Read The Book You Wrote

15. Yam Digging Stress

16. Rainfall

17. If You Believe

18. Heart And Soul Recieve My Love

This is a Spiritual Poem about longing for the Lord as he comes on Christmas and always. It is a spiritual poem about life and self-improvement. Get more from the link below.
My heart and my soul be ready, 
Make room for my Love and my God, 
On the lights, dispel the darkness of sin.
Clean the paths, all smelled with mischiefs, 
Put the ornaments of pleasant language.

Behold, He stands at the door and knocks, 
Be ready lest he finds an unclean room,
Or a dry weary land without food and drink,
Get ready the food of love and cheerfulness, 
And the wine of joy and happiness,
To dine and wine with him. 

He is my Love, my Lord,
My King in majesty enrobed, 
Open wide your doors and gates, my heart and soul, 
Let him in, the Love of my life, my Savior,
The rock on which I stand, 
The rock that holds my life. 

When you are ready and let him in, 
Then confidently, would I sing and shout his praises,
Would I embrace my salvation from above,
Would  I worship and glorify him day and night, 
Then life unending with Him, alleluia.

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