A day out with this Angel

Nice day to Y’all

Aloe Vera, remedy for many diseases.

Ǹtsu’u mǝ̀ghonǝ̀ ma ngha’atǝ̌.

Health is wealth!

My God is great in the firmament of His Power.

God is great in the firmament of his power
The Nkwen Traditional Anthem

“What God has joined together, let no one put asunder.”

Papal’s Blessing comes to sanctify, fortify and secure.

Holy Matrimony; 12/20/1986

The turning point, August 2014.

Enjoyment in the US.

God of surprises, may you reign!

Life is a dream! It begins then you are in it and you don’t know when you will awake as you are way still dreaming.

To God be the glory!

Alleluia! God the Almighty reigns. To Him be all the glory and praise forever! We witnessed it. HAPPY BAPTISM TO OUR GRANDCHILDREN! Congratulations Sweeties. And, happy Feast day of St. Therese of the Child Jesus to all my friends.💐🌷🌹

Tǝkò’ò mǝyà a mbwo Nywe Ətaa ma à dzwi nǝ̀ mǝ̀tenǝ̀ mǝtsǝ̀mǝ̀. 😁

African Gospel Music, ” Gloria and Our Father” Christian Song. Music Artist Taminang Therese. Song 3

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  1. Mum I enjoyed this album .Tell daddy that distance is not a barrier to us. We love him to the moon and back. Mum you are very strong more younger. Greet that beautiful Angel for me oo

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