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Nkwen Language The /b/ sound

B b

bǝ̀forǝ → rats

This sound /b/ occurs more frequently in Nkwen Language. It is a consonant that comes at the initial and medial positions in some words. It doesn’t features at the final position. It is also used in “̀” (a marker used to form the plurals of some nouns) and “” as in the future tense markers; , bǝ lya and bǝ lyǝ. Here are some examples of words with the sound /b/ and a short reading exercise on this sound.

B b
bǎtә̂ → to break (into many pieces)
basǝ̂ → to paste
bὲˀὲtә̂ → to peal

bǝ̀bǝ̀rǝ̀ → a kind of bird.

banǝ̀ → corn fufu/bread

bǎtǝ → wine calabash

bǝ̀bǎtǝ̀ → wine calabashes

bǝ̀ntò → pots

bǝ̀forǝ → rats

bǝ̀fò → fons

bǝ̀sǝŋǝ – birds

bεntә → to pick
biŋә → to accept
bìtә̌ → to add
biŋsә̂ → to ask
bә̀ŋnә̌ → to wake up
bisә̂ → to smoothen
bàntә̂ → to hate
bὲˀὲsә̂ → to encourage negatively
borәsә̂ → to calm
buˀutә̂ → to nail

Bǝbanǝ̀ > a name (f)

Mә̀toŋtәnә̀ – Reading
Bәbanә̀ à bὲntә̌ mâkàbә̀ nkuŋǝ, mbatә. A bә sùu, niŋә mәmә ǹtò tiˀi bìtә̀ mәwurә bwo fә̀ngwaŋә wә. À bὲˀὲtә ǹgòrәnkwi mә tǒnә̀ wә a byì. Moo yi bә bәŋnә jyә ghә yi ndya àŋwàˀàrә̀. À bǝ kǝ jyǝ ti’i ghǝ̀ yi afò. À bǝlya ti’i ǝla bǝ ǝ̀banǝ mbà’ambà’à ǝ̀zǒ.

Free Translation

Beban has gathered some cocoyams, peeled and break into pieces. After washing, she will put in a pot then add salt and oil. She has peeled tree barks to use for fire to cook it. Her daughter will wake up and eat before going to school. She will also eat then go to the farm. Tomorrow morning, she will prepare corn fufu instead.

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