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Daily wise saying in Nkwen Language

Wise Sayings for Each Day in Nkwen Language – Audio Playlist

Wise Sayings for Each Day

Today’s Wise Saying In Nkwen – Wisdom of the old

Daily Wise Saying In Nkwen (Mǝbǎkò’ò Sènǝ). An attempt to expantiate on the Wisdom of the Old or Wisdom of our Forefathers. Nkwen Language Handbook Nkwen Language Lessons Audio And Video Playlists Nkwen Language Lessons And Podcast Audio Visual Version Of The Nkwen Language Handbook Mǝbǎkò’ò Senǝ  May 5, 2023  Nkàbə̀ ŋu bə̀ byi. Bǝ̀lǝ̀mǝ.

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