Advantages of COVID-19

When I look at the whole world as it was some months ago and in the present, I see a promising future where hopes shall be restored, fears disappear …

Long Division With And Without Remainder

This lesson is aimed at helping those pupils who, after passing through level one (Primary 1 and 2) reach levels two and three (Primary 3 – 6) without knowing how to solve a simple equation in Mathematics. This makes them fail their exams, not because they are dull. Some teachers also hurriedly teach Mathematics without taking into consideration some basic principles. This class of pupils is merely slow to understand and needs gradual guidance to calculation. This blog answers the difficulties faced by these pupils at all levels. Parents and teachers are advised to use this book for a better result in the performance of the Slow Learners.

Types of Food Crops in Nkwen

Food crop cultivation is the background of the economy of the Nkwen indigenes. Its importance cannot be overemphasized as it has increased the living standard of the inhabitants of this community. There are very many different types found, and here are some of them.

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