Wise Sayings in Nkwen Language part 3

Fə̀li’i dzwi ndyâ.
There is smoke in the house. There is a stranger in the house.

Story of The Honest Princess

Every culture has its own folklore, which is shared as a means of entertainment, education, culture preservation or instillation of moral values. Stories give emotional glue that connects the audience to the message. Information presentation should be constructed around a story. Stories reshape knowledge into something meaningful. Stories are motivating. Stories make people care and transcend one’s current environment. All these make stories very important in the teaching/learning process. Let’s listen to these two stories.

Days of the week and months of the year in Nkwen

Ǹgha Mǝnkwènǝ dzwi a nǝ̀ Ǹjwe Nǝ̀fǎ
A week in Nkwen is made up of eight days

The Hail Mary Prayer in Nkwen Language

Tsὲ’ὲtә̀ Mariyà, ò luu nә̀ grashà Nywè à dzwi nǝ̀ wwò, ò ghà’a ǹchya bә̀ngye bәtsә̀mә̀, mә̀fonә̀ dzwi nә̀ moo wwò, Yesù.
Màriyà Ŋwà’ànә Mya Nywè, shwenә Nywè ambwo bìi bә bă bwu tsәtsoŋnә̀ wi nә àghә̀mә̀ newwo zii, adzwi lǐ.

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