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The /i/ sound in Nkwen Language

The /i/ sound in Nkwen Language is a vowel. It is used in building most words as seen below.

I    i

biŋә  →  answer

biŋsә̂  → to ask

bìˀi  →  to carry

àbìˀì  → load

àdìˀi  → a place

àdì  → tragedy

àli  →  incense

ә̀lyi  →  soldier ants

mbyi  →  a goat

àliliŋә  →  a bat

àlìŋә̀  →  witchcraft

m̀mi  → the eyes

zǐ  →  to sweep

Bisә̂  → to smooth


 À kә̀ bә әzo, Binywε zǐ abî zhì ma ǝ̀lyi kә̀ kǔ wә. À kә̀ swiŋә ambwo moo yì Ǹgwà ŋgә a lo fәngwaŋә niŋә mәmә ŋkyì nfεˀεrә әlyi wu wә. Əlyi wu zә fәngwaŋә fya ŋkhә̀kә̀ wwa.

Free Translation

Binwie swept her compound that was invaded by soldier ants yesterday. She asked her son Ngwa to put salt in water and sprinkle on the soldier ants. The soldier ants saw the salt and ran away.

The /i/ sound in Nkwen Language The Nkwen Language Alphabet
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