The Come Holy Spirit Prayer in Nkwen Language

O Àzhwè zә Nwà’ànә̀ yìi, lwensә mentiŋә mә bә̀ buma bwo biŋə wwo, nkə chu’u mmu akòŋnə̀ wwo məntiŋə bwo. Chyasә Azhwe zhә, ə̌ bu nka’a wwa, O tiˀi nwa’asә mbyi ǹtsә̀mә̀.
A binә̀ shwenә ( Let us pray)

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Nkwen is a tone language, that is, a language in which variations in pitch distinguish different words. Tone marks on words can change their pronunciation and meaning when used in isolation and in sentences. Tone variation also makes differences in tenses. When writing this language the different tone marks should be seriously considered. The following tone marks are observed in the Nkwen language:

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Nkwen Language The Future Tense

Marked by “bə”, the events or situations in this tense are to be completed a few minutes or a few hours from the moment of speaking on the same day. The certainty that the action will take place is very high.

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