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A TRIBUTE TO FATHER ANGEL (Piarist) Died Tuesday 06/16/2020

Someone I know, a colleague and a friend,
A Priests and a Teacher, on 24/7,
A born Teacher, a dutiful Teacher,
A born Priest, a pure Priest,
Lovely to kids, loved by poor children,
Simple with colleagues, always the play way,
Here he comes, Kwa kwa! he goes,
Kwa kwa! they respond the old and the young, with wells of smiles and jokes.
Let’s go meet him, here he comes,
The kids would scream, and leap and say,
I want to touch your head, I want to climb on your back,
Carry me Father, let me see your fingers.
Let me touch your ears, … the kids always on demand.
Yes! Yes! Aha! Aha! is always the response.
How they loved you Father, how we loved you too!
Where are you? Let’s go get him now!
On his way to Mbelem, oh no!
On his way to Mboung, oh no!
On his way to Mbelewa, oh sorry!
On his way to Nebung, oh sorry!
On his way to Manda, let’s see!
On his way to Menteh, maybe!
On his way to Nkwen Palace, oh no! No one saw him this day.
Where could he be? I know! I know!
There he goes, the weary pilgrim, now marching in with the Angels and the Saints.
With shouts of joy and dancing, as the angels sound the trumpets, he matches on and on and on, towards the throne of grace.
BYE BYE FATHER ANGEL, we all say at last, with all the hope in mind, that one day we shall gather again in the city of God. Pray for us and we for you.

Taminang Theresia N. (a colleague and friend)
Ángel Valenzuela Santos, hermano y amigo. – al cierzo
Father Angel with the kids

Forever in our hearts and in the hearts of our children. RIP Father Angel

You served God as a very good Piarist Priest in our Village Nkwen, in Cameroon – Africa for a long time. Thank you.

Father Angel Valenzuela (Piarist) Died Tuesday 06/16/2020
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My COVID-19 Pentecost Quarantine Mass Experience

My Quarantine Mass Experience

As early as 5:30 AM that morning, I got up, hurried with my morning chores and got myself ready because I never wanted to miss any bit of the Mass. This quarantine style of Mass with my Bishop on Pentecost 2020 was first of its kind in my life as a Christian and as compared to the past when I will follow a one week Pentecost Week program which usually ends with a big Pentecost Mass. My Bishop on TV with a multitude of Christians watching all over the world, tells me, “With God everything is possible”. I preferred the screen at the basement because it was the largest in our home and as usual I started following the Mass deeply as though I was in Church with no knowledge that my daughter was observing me and taking some snap shots with her cell phone.

After the Penitential Rite and the proclamation of the word, came the invocation of the Holy Spirit in a song by the singing minister. As I kneel listening keenly and reflecting on the lyrics of the song, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit right in me. Then I prayed asking the Holy Spirit to also touch my family, friends and Christians all over the world who are having the same quarantine experience as I do and bring a powerful solution to the crisis brought upon human beings by the Corona Virus.

The Bishop proceeds with a very lively sermon filled with the spirit of Pentecost. He invites everyone to be open and receive the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit as of the first Pentecost for the renewal of the whole world. I was filled with awe as I sat listening to his heart searching sermon.

The beautiful ending of the Bishop’s sermon, “COME HOLY SPIRIT! COME HOLY SPIRIT! COME HOLY SPIRIT!”, was another spirit filled and touching moment that was like the Bishop just pulled the Holy Spirit out from heaven to earth and I felt His powerful presence in the room.

Kneeling before the altar; as I see through the TV, at Consecration, I surrendered myself, my family and the whole world to the Holy Spirit. As I followed the Eucharistic Prayer, I was touched that much was being said about the Holy Spirit that I understood more than before.

Then Came the moment of Spiritual Communion when I recited the prayer with passion, opening the door to let Him enter, “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, then I will come into him and will dine with him, and he with me”. Rev 3:20

During Announcements I decided to celebrate Pentecost with my Bishop in this way. His announcements were full of good news on how gradually the Churches are going to open their doors again for Christian worship as a community. Remember, one definition of the Church is “A Community of Christians” and not individual Christians in their homes.

Even Though Christians were not in Church physically, they were Spiritually as you can see our Bishop blessing us as he exits the physically empty Church. There’s a song that says, “One thing I ask of the Lord, one thing I long, to live in the house of God everyday of my life”. Yes, this longing eats up every true Christians at this moment of the Coronavirus pandemic when the Church’s doors are physically closed.

So long as the Spirit lives and moves and renews the face of the earth, so will Mother Earth continue to produce her fruits and take care of her up springs, even though she mourns and groans waiting for the right moment that she will open her mouth and swallow the ugly Corona virus, leaving no trace of it, “The earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the river which the dragon spewed out of his mouth”. (Rev. 12:16) As you can see, Seeds have sprouted on my quarantine backyard garden. They are growing and flourishing assurance of life and continuity.

Come to think of it, why have we to go through all this quarantine thing? The blame is all on the devilish COVID-19 pandemic. But, remember, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God”, not even the ugly Corona-virus for “… in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us”(Rom. 8:35-37). Let’s keep trusting God.

God is great in the firmament

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The Nkwen Traditional Anthem

“M̀BANƏ̀” is the Traditional Anthem of the Nkwen People. It is a typical original song that came forth from our forefathers as a symbol of peace, progress and unity. According to our forefathers and from a research by the Nkwen Language Committee, this song signifies three things when sung. 1) Calling on blessings upon the Land. 2) Calling on blessings upon Married Women to remain healthy and fruitful in marriage. 3) Asking for peace, unity, understanding and progress in any gathering. Thus, it is an obligation for any son or daughter of the Nkwen Fondom to Master and sing it correctly. This video will be of great help to the people of Nkwen and is also a means to preserve the M̀BANƏ̀.

The Nkwen Traditional Anthem
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Lyrics of the M̀BANƏ̀

O kya la, kya la, àlùŋә̀ tya mbanә məmoˀo nghә̀rә-ngwὲ chya nkya m̀banә na yu nkya, yu nkya. Mәnkhә ǹtsǔ chya nkya m̀banә nà yu nkya, yu nkya. O alùŋә̀ kya lya mbwo me kya la nә̀mu tisoŋә, O àlùŋә̀ kya lya m̀bwo me. X2̀
Acclamation: Wuuui! Wuuui! Nfo fә̀mbànә̀!

Song on COVID 19
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Long Division With And Without Remainder
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Nkwen Language Wise Sayings Mǝbǎkò’ò

Àbàa ntəǝ nə̀ kàa nluu. An Advice bag never gets full.

More on Wise Sayings in Nkwen Language

S/No Nkwen Free Translation
1Àbàa ntəǝ nə̀ kàa nluu.A bag of advice never gets full. (You continue to get advice or learn till your last day, even in events you think you are an expert.)
2Boŋə m̀bì’inə̀ kàkə atyə̌ chyà.The shoulder can never be above the head. (A slave, “worker, student, wife” can never be above his master “boss, teacher, husband”.)
3M̀bàŋə nə̀lwenə̀ ə̀ bə moo.An old age walking stick is a child. (An encouragement for parents to take good care of their children and to children who take good care of their old aged parents.)
4Moo tə̀ zu’u ǹtèe mya kù zhə̀ nsansə.A child who never listens to mother’s advise shall face his/her doom. (A warning to recalcitrant children)
5Ngwo nə̀ kǎ moo ngwo dàŋə njwe.A dog cannot give birth to a different species. (Said when a child grows with the good or negative qualities of a parent)
6O tə kuu moo ŋù ò jwe wwò.When nursing another man’s child bring yours forth. (Said in situations where an adopted child despises his/her caretakers)
7Fya azuŋə ambwo ŋù wuma a zhi ǹdwènə̀.Give something to one who knows the value. (Said in a situation where someone takes good care of something)
8À̀wuŋə nə̀ tə kwi afò a ǹnà kàkə̌ m̀yə̀.A hunting session does not end because animals are finished in the bush. (We do not stop an activity because the enjoyment or pleasure is not still there but because we have to keep time.)  
9Boŋə ò ka kù’u bǔ ŋù tòŋə ò kàkə̌ ǹfὲ’ὲ njya zhì zhi.If you’ve never eaten achu’u with someone you’ll never know how he consumes the soup. (If you’ve never lived with someone, you’ll never know his/her attitude.)
10Ǹchə̀ ngwo dzwi nə ngwo.A curse on a dog remains with it. (Said when we need not revenge a bad act from someone but leave it to God’s judgement.)
  11Boŋə o ka ndya dzwi bə bǐtə̀ ǹjyǎ zhə̀ nə̌ nkyǐ.  If you are not present water will be added to your soup. (If you are not present, you’ll always be cheated.)
12Bǝ̌ tyə mbenə mə ndya bə nə̀ ngrə-məkwε.Fighting within the household is done with the elbows. (Infighting within siblings should never be done fiercely)
13Ǹdya tə̀ sa’anə̀ bə awε̌ ŋu. A family with no quarrels is the absence of people. (Said as a consolation to a family or group of people who are quarrelling or fighting)
14Àbwo bikàkǝ̌ ntsù adàŋə̀ dàŋə nku’u.An empty hand never goes to the mouth. (Said when someone needs a reward for a service or when someone has to feed on what is available and not what he likes)
15Ə̀tyə bya boŋə nchya zi mo’o.Two heads are better than one. (We need to journey or reason with others for we are not perfect)
16O tə tòŋə akù’u ò zə̂ ǹjya zhi za’a.See the achu’u soup first before boring it. (Foresee before embarking on any project)
17“Mə̀ nkə̀ la zhi” ǹtsə̀mə zoŋə bə ndzə̀̀mə̀.“Had I known” is always the last. (Said when an omission brings negative results)
18Mə̀tànə ŋù bə nə̀li zhi.A man’s choice is his eyes. (Said when one has to make a personal choice or decision.)
19Ndyâ bikàkə nə bǝ̀ nshwe.A house cannot burn with people inside. (A problem can’t go unresolved when people are present.)
20A ka mətanə kə ghə o kə mbəŋə nə ala’a shu’u.If you can’t go to the market don’t wish the rain on people. (Do not sabotage if you are not talking part in something)
21Tə zhi ntsǝ̀mǝ̀ mbu’u.An innocent person is in God’s grace. (Said when someone is not guilty of something or is accused when he/she is not guilty)

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