Third Sunday of Advent, Year C  Gospel

Gospel – Luke 3:10-18

Feast of Corpus Christi Year B – Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Gospel in English and in Nkwen

Advantages of COVID-19 for the future. With high combat on COVID-19 the future seems promising.

A future with restored hopes.
A future with no fears but confidence in the ways things are done.
A future with new approach to social and public life.
A future with well managed businesses.
A future with well supervised and improved international relations.
A future where home security and discipline will be more focused on.
A future with a well secured world health.

Advantages of COVID-19

When I look at the whole world as it was some months ago and in the present, I see a promising future where hopes shall be restored, fears disappear …

My COVID-19 Pentecost Quarantine Mass Experience

As early as 5:30 AM that morning, I got up, hurried with my morning chores and got myself ready because I never wanted to miss any bit of the Mass…

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