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Importance of The Holy Rosary

red rosary on pink surface

What is it?

It is a precious gift from our Holy Mother. Like it.

It is a summary of the life of Christ. Love it.

It is a gift from the Catholic Church. Share it.

It is a blessing from the Catholic Church. Pray it daily.

It is a strong weapon against the devil. Use it daily.

It is not a dressing but a prayer. Pray it.

It is found in the Bible. Taste and see.

It keeps you focused in meditation. Be dedicated to it.

It connects you to the entire life of Christ; the branch to the Vine. Be Committed to it.

Our great saints were devoted to it. Cherish it.

The heavenly court rejoices when you say it. Say it daily.

You offer roses to please the Virgin Mother when you say it. Offer them always.

The Mother of God, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Queen of Heaven and Earth is pleased when you pick up the Rosary and recite. Pick it up now.

You are tempted everyday, the rosary is your weapon. Pict it up.

Our lives are busy and we rarely have a minute to spare; the rosary slows and calms. Let it slow and calm you.

When you do not know how to pray or what to say in prayers, the rosary says it all. Say it daily.

Wars have been conquered by the rosary. Pray it for World Peace.

15 promises for you She gave to St. Dominic that you will never go empty handed if you recite the rosary always. Recite it and claim the graces daily.

“There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the rosary.”  (Sister Lucia of the seers of Fatima.)

Never forget to pray your rosary. Courage!