Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B – Gospel Mark 4:35-41

Gospel in English and in Nkwen

The Preposition

Prepositions are linking or connecting words. They link words that follow them to other words in a sentence. We can equally say a preposition is a connecting word which shows the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence. Examples:

The Articles; Definite, Indefinite and zero

In English, articles are classified into three categories:
the indefinite, the definite and the zero articles.
The indefinite articles: a and an

Verb Tenses

What are tenses?
The Simple Present
The Present Continuous/Progressive
The Present Perfect Tense
The Present Perfect Continuous

The Simple Past Tense, The Past Continuous Tense
The Past Perfect Tense
The Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Simple Future Tense, The Future Perfect Tenses
Future Continuous, Subject/Verb Agreement

The Verb

What are verbs?
Forms of Verbs
Regular verbs
Irregular verbs
Auxiliary verbs
The Passive and Active Voices
Linking Verbs
Modal verbs

Adjectives and Adverbs

What Are Adjectives And Adverbs?
Formation of adjectives
Types/classes of adjectives
Order of adjectives in a sentence
Comparison of Adjectives
Comparison of adverbs
Irregular adverbs

Object Identification for Slow Learners

This video presents some objects and their number. Learners will be able to identify them and count how many they are.

Basic Subtraction of numbers up to 20

This lesson is aimed at helping those pupils who after passing through level one (Primary 1 and 2) reach levels two and three (Primary 3 – 6) without being able to solve simple equations in Mathematics. This makes them fail their exams not because they are dull. Some teachers also hurriedly teach Mathematics without taking into consideration some basic principles. This class of pupils are merely slow to understand and needs gradual guidance to calculation. This blog gives an answer to the difficulties faced by these pupils at all levels. Parents and teachers are advised to use this lesson for a better result in the performance of the Slow Learners.

African dish – Koki and Ripe Plantain

African dishes are becoming part and parcel of most kitchens in the world nowadays. Koki and Ripe Plantain is a typical African dish. It is a dish so abundant in the various food nutrients. This traditional dish has become so popular that it is now eaten in many countries of the world because of its richness.

Nkwen Language Speaking Lessons Online Part 2. Mother Tongue Education

The first thing to do when learning a new language is trying to speak, speak, and speak. Converse and converse with it. Do much on one to one conversation. With a vocabulary of about 100 words, converse more with those who already know how to speak the set language. Master several common sentence patterns in it. Give more time to it. Print and revise your lessons. Keep practicing in your head, and don’t be ashamed to make a lot of mistakes.