Overcoming Spiritual Dryness, A Daily Prayer Journal, My October with the Lord

Overcoming Spiritual Dryness https://stream.redcircle.com/episodes/cc8f1c6d-487c-4628-aa6a-4907cb226dd9/stream.mp3 In my effort to overcome spiritual dryness, I learned from Saint Therese of the Child Jesus that she usually recites the ‘Our Father‘ prayer very slowly during her moments of spiritual dryness as she said, “Sometimes when my mind is in such dryness, that it is impossible for me to draw oneContinue reading “Overcoming Spiritual Dryness, A Daily Prayer Journal, My October with the Lord”

Prayers For Spiritual Growth

Prayers For Spiritual Growth Hi friends, not just an ordinary write-up here, but a place I talk with my God each day. I try to write a prayer each day to my Lord and my God but some days I’m empty, I feel dry and not inspired to write. On those days, I would merelyContinue reading “Prayers For Spiritual Growth”

Prayers For Self Improvement 1

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus defined prayer as, “A glance directed towards heaven, a cry of gratitude and love in the midst of trials and joys.” With this in mind, I believe that these Self Improvement prayers coming from my daily meditation surely would direct my glance toward heaven, and carry my cry ofContinue reading “Prayers For Self Improvement 1”

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