Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity year B

Gospel in English and in Nkwen

Nkwen Language Lessons Online Part 1; Mother Tongue Education

Sentence Patterns


Mastering the Alphabet 1 Enabling Reading for Slow Learners BUY NOW Mastering the Alphabet 2, Sounds in words Enabling Reading for Slow Learners Go to the lesson at: – Mastering the Alphabet 2, Sounds in Words, Enabling Reading For Slow Learners – BUY NOW Mastering the Alphabet 3, Double Sounds Enabling Reading for Slow LearnersContinue reading “eBOOKs”

Nkwen Language Speaking online Part 3 – Parts of the Body and some Sentence Patterns on Nouns

Oral work on Nkwen Language

Nkwen Language Wise Saying Mǝbǎkò’ò

Àbàa ntəǝ nə̀ kàa nluu. An Advice bag never gets full. Fya azuŋə ambwo ŋù wuma a zhi ǹdwènə̀. Give something to one who knows the value. (Said in a situation where someone takes good care of something)

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