Nkwen Language Exercises

Greetings, family, Alphabet, Tone Marks, Numbers, Tenses

Mechanics of Writing 1

Assistance to all English Language Learners.

Square numbers and square roots

What are square numbers? What are square roots? These are questions many students would ask. This videos would give you answers to all these questions in a relaxation mode. Do well to subscribe for more upcoming videos as such. Also like, share and comment.

The Preposition

Prepositions are linking or connecting words. They link words that follow them to other words in a sentence. We can equally say a preposition is a connecting word which shows the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence. Examples:

The Articles; Definite, Indefinite and zero

In English, articles are classified into three categories:
the indefinite, the definite and the zero articles.
The indefinite articles: a and an

Verb Tenses

What are tenses?
The Simple Present
The Present Continuous/Progressive
The Present Perfect Tense
The Present Perfect Continuous

The Simple Past Tense, The Past Continuous Tense
The Past Perfect Tense
The Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Simple Future Tense, The Future Perfect Tenses
Future Continuous, Subject/Verb Agreement

The Verb

What are verbs?
Forms of Verbs
Regular verbs
Irregular verbs
Auxiliary verbs
The Passive and Active Voices
Linking Verbs
Modal verbs

Adjectives and Adverbs

What Are Adjectives And Adverbs?
Formation of adjectives
Types/classes of adjectives
Order of adjectives in a sentence
Comparison of Adjectives
Comparison of adverbs
Irregular adverbs