Mastering The Alphabet 3 : Double Sounds [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

This book is aimed at helping kids who after passing through Kindergarten reach the elementary level without knowing how to read a simple text. They can give correct answers to oral questions but cannot read the questions themselves. This makes them fail their exams not because they are dull. Some teachers also hurriedly teach the alphabet without considering some basic principles. This class of pupils is merely slow to understand and needs gradual guidance in the art of reading. This book gives an answer to the difficulties faced by these pupils everywhere. Parents and teachers are advised to use this book for a better performance of the Slow Learners.


Mastering The Alphabet 3 : Double Sounds  Kindle Edition

Mastering the Alphabet 3 – Double Sounds

The English language can be tricky, particularly when it comes to pronunciation. One aspect that can be especially challenging for non-native speakers is the use of double sounds, which occur when two consecutive letters represent the same sound.

Double sounds in English can be found in both vowels and consonants.

Here are a few examples: – Vowels: – “ee” (e.g. seen, need) – “oo” (e.g. moon, soon) – “aa” (e.g. baad, maan) – “ii” (e.g. kite, bite) – “uu” (e.g. rule, super) – Consonants: – “ff” (e.g. coffee, off) – “tt” (e.g. butter, letter) – “ll” (e.g. bell, tell) – “ss” (e.g. dessert, lesson) – “zz” (e.g. jazz, fizz)

The double sound is important because it changes the pronunciation of the word. For example, the word “seen” sounds different from “sin” because of the double “e” sound. Similarly, the word “coffee” sounds different from “coffin” because of the double “f” sound. The same goes for the other examples. It’s important to understand double sounds in English because mispronouncing a word can lead to misunderstandings. For example, saying “sin” instead of “seen” can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

One way to improve your pronunciation of double sounds is to listen to native speakers and practice saying the words yourself. You can also use online resources like YouTube videos or phonetic charts to help you learn the correct pronunciation.

In conclusion, double sounds are an important aspect of the English language that can be challenging for non-native speakers. Understanding and practicing the correct pronunciation of double sounds can help you improve your communication skills in English and avoid misunderstandings.

Below is an illustration of some double sounds found in the English Language.

Mastering the Alphabet 3 -Double Sounds

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