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Daily Proverbs And Words Of Wisdom 

Inspired Writings and Formation Talks

Writings and Formation


Importance of The Holy Rosary

Fruits Of My Daily Reflections 1

How my backyard garden came to reality

Fruits of my daily reflections 2

Fruits of my Daily Meditation 3

My Daily Prayers

Stories That Bring Great Impact On Life

Poems About Life

The Bo Be Nka’a Process in Futru Parish

ABI Stage of the Bo-Be-NKA’A Process. A Review on the Awunka’a Stage

ABI Stage of the BO-BE-NKA’A Process. A Review on Stage 2: NGWE

The quarantine is doing more good than harm. My home skills just got better

My COVID-19 Pentecost Quarantine Mass Experience

Saint Therese Of The Child Jesus

With high combat on COVID-19 the future seems promising (Advantages of COVID-19)

Advantages of COVID-19 for the future. With high combat on COVID-19, the future seems promising.

Writings and Formation


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