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Daily Proverbs And Words Of Wisdom 

Inspired Writings and Formation Talks

Writings and Formation


Importance of The Holy Rosary

Fruits Of My Daily Reflections 1

How my backyard garden came to reality

Fruits of my daily reflections 2

Fruits of my Daily Meditation 3

My Daily Prayers

Stories That Bring Great Impact On Life

Poems About Life

The Bo Be Nka’a Process in Futru Parish

ABI Stage of the Bo-Be-NKA’A Process. A Review on the Awunka’a Stage

ABI Stage of the BO-BE-NKA’A Process. A Review on Stage 2: NGWE

The quarantine is doing more good than harm. My home skills just got better

My COVID-19 Pentecost Quarantine Mass Experience

Saint Therese Of The Child Jesus

With high combat on COVID-19 the future seems promising (Advantages of COVID-19)

Advantages of COVID-19 for the future. With high combat on COVID-19, the future seems promising.

Writings and Formation

Slide Show On Mastering The Alphabet 2

Mastering The Alphabet Images   Previous image Next image Mastering The Alphabet Images Mastering The Alphabet Images Mastering The Alphabet Images Save 30% on select product(s) with promo code 301NKTU4 on Amazon.com


Nkwen Language Lessons Audio And Video Playlists

Nkwen Language Audios And Videos   Nkwen language handbook Playlist on Youtube here. Nkwen Languaege Lessons Playlist on Youtube here. Nkwen Language Audio Playlist Lessons on Youtube Nkwen Language Lessons And Podcast Nkwen Language Audios And Videos Playlists

Psalm, Alleluia Acclamation and Gospel For Fifth Sunday of Easter Year A

Fifth Sunday of Easter Year A Play it on Youtube here Responsorial Psalm – Psalms 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19 R. (22) Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you. or: R. Alleluia. 1 Exult, you just, in the LORD; praise from the upright is fitting. 2 Give thanks to the LORD onContinue reading “Psalm, Alleluia Acclamation and Gospel For Fifth Sunday of Easter Year A”

General Knowledge Revision on House Craft

HOUSE CRAFT View and buy our e-book. KINDS OF FLOORS AND THEIR CARE Mud floor: Sprinkle water on the floor before sweeping and smoothen the floor with mud, Leave for some time to dry, Then rub with pounded sweet potato leaves and Cover with plantain leaves for a few hours Wooden floor: Sweep and dustContinue reading “General Knowledge Revision on House Craft”

Paco and Generosa, a wonderful couple we would live to cherish

A wonderful couple “Theresia, come and see,” Mama Generosa said while holding my hand. Then she led me to the entrance of their bedroom and continue, “You see this bed? It is where my husband and I got all our children. We have been laying on this bed together since we were married.” I wasContinue reading “Paco and Generosa, a wonderful couple we would live to cherish”



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