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Hey! Welcome to our Website, “Education For All”. Here lies a treasure you should explore for your children and yourself. Many advantages of learning in different fields and from a source language to a target language are realized here. There are knowledgeable and inspiring writings, not leaving out general knowledge revision and entertainment. “Education For All” is a place for free Learning and entertainment for all. You are Welcome. Our menu above or links below would help you enjoy our rich posts, which range from

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Mother Education is one important aspect here. Mother Tongue Education is a Teaching/Learning process that takes into consideration the child’s first language. Here you and your child will learn from a first language to a second language which is from Nkwen Language to the English Language. Nkwen is a Language spoken in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa. It is one of the many languages undergoing development in this country.

Nkwen Language Lessons
Nkwen Language Gospel Readings For Year B

Thus, the objectives of Mother Tongue Education here are:

  • To encourage learning from Nkwen Mother Tongue to the English Language.
  • To enable learners to learn faster and progress well in the English Language at school.
  • To promote adult Literacy.
  • To promote Bilingualism as far as the Nkwen Language and English Languages are concerned.
  • To promote confidence in the milieu of Teaching/learning for the learner.
  • To check out backwardness in education and school dropout.
  • To preserve the language, culture, and dignity of the Nkwen people.

My Mother Tongue is fast facing out and other languages gaining grounds in my Community. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happening here. The preservation of one’s Mother Tongue cannot be overemphasized for it gives us the opportunity to trace our roots and preserve our culture and dignity.

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Responsorial Psalm Chants For Sundays

More interestingly, we would also have inspiring music to share with you. So let’s Journey together. No one is left out.

I believe in the saying that, “To do a great right do a little wrong.”


Yes, We might not be very perfect now but I believe with time perfection will come.

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Education for all
Education for all Home Page

“To do a great right do a little wrong.”



“An advice bag never gets full.”


Wise saying in Nkwen Language.

You continue to get advice or learn till your last day, even in events you think you are an expert.

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