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Revision on Ancient Civilization
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General Knowledge Revision On History Of The Early Man And The Ancient World





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  1. History is the study of  __________. Past events
  2. There are three types of History namely______ _______ _______ 
  1. Written history 
  2. Oral or traditional history or remembered history, (story telling). and 
  3. Archaeological or dug up history 
  1. The best form of history is _____. Written History.
  2. The oldest form of history is _____. Archaeological or Dug-up history. 
  3. A kind of history got from objects of past civilization is called _________. Dug up history.

The Early Man/Ancient World

  1. The first man to live on earth was known as the ____. Early Man
  2. The most primitive man to live on the planet earth was called the ___. Early Man.
  3. The early man made his clothes with____. backs of trees, leaves of trees and skins of animals
  4. The early man used _______ for protection.   Fire
  5. The early man used ___ for his weapons.    sharp sticks and stones 
  6. The prehistoric man before civilization lived on raw food. An example of such food is ___________________.  flesh of animals, guavas
  7. What name is given to that period in history when the early man made his tools out of stones?     The stone age
  8. The period in history when the early man started making his tools out of iron was called ________ the Metal age
  9. The early man discovers ____ ___ and ___.  fire, the domestication of animals and farming.
  10. The first animal to be kept by the early man was the ___. dog.
  11. The discovery of early man that led to settled life was____.  Farming
  12. The early man developed from _____Homo habilis, Homo erectus to Homo sapiens.
  13. The kind of trade practiced by the early man was known as ___ Trade by Batter.
  14.  A period of fear, ignorance, insecurity and ruin in Western Europe when civilization came to a stand still or sank to its lowest depth was called _________. Dark Ages.
  15.  A warlike tribe that caused the fall of the Roman Empire was the ________________. Barbarians.
  16. A system of Government practice during the dark ages where powers flow down from the King to the common People was known as _____. Feudalism
  17. The wars fought by the Christians and Muslims over the holy land were called.____________ the crusades
  18.  Ancient Greek had 150 states called the polis, two most important of the Greek states were __________ and ________. Athens and Sparta.
  19. The Babylonian King who codified the law or wrote the first code of laws was_______.  King Hammurabi
  20. Philosophers are great thinkers. One of the great Greek philosophers was _________.  Socrates
  21. Who is known in history as the father of history?    Herodotus
  22. What is the name of the Carthaginian General who crossed the Alps with 35 elephants?  Hannibal 
  23. The Egyptian king who introduced the believe in one God was called ____. King Ikhnaton
  24. The rivalry wars fought between Rome and Carthage were known as the _______. Punic Wars.
  25.  The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Chinese walls, Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus were some of the_____________ wonders of the Ancient World.
  26. Where are the pyramids found?   In Egypt
  27. The greatest Greek mathematician who ever lived was ______.   Archimedes
  28. The Greek philosopher who opened the first school was ____. Plato
  29. Democracy started in the Greek State ____________. Athens
  30. A government of the people for the people by the people is known as ____________.  Democracy
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