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Object Identification for Slow Learners



This video presents some objects and their number. Learners will be able to identify them and count how many they are.


Game-Based Learning plays important role in teaching by making students collaborate, communicate, interact and work in teams. Strategic games improve the functioning of the brain. Gaming creates a dynamic that can inspire learners to develop skills and build an emotional connection to learning and subject matter. Games designed specifically for the purpose of educating children can motivate self-learning and problem-solving skills to a great extent. Game-Based Learning simply means including knowledge matter of subject into games. All types of games are learning processes, be it casual gaming for fun, or something serious. Here is one of such games. The student will be able to identify objects and count them


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2 thoughts on “Object Identification for Slow Learners

  1. Taminang Theresia Ngeche

    Let our kids be smart in learning.

  2. Stephen Taminang

    Great job

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