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Koki and Ripe Plantain recipe
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Koki and Ripe Plantain African dish Recipe and Preparation

Koki and Ripe Plantain African dish
African dishes are becoming part and parcel of most kitchens in the world nowadays. Koki and Ripe Plantain is a typical African dish. It is a dish so abundant in various food nutrients. This traditional dish has become so popular that it is now eaten in many countries of the world because of its richness. The main ingredients used to prepare a tasty Koki and Ripe Plantain dish are,

The videos show us the ingredients and methods to prepare a good dish of Koki and Ripe Plantains. Subscribe and share with friends.

Steps in Preparing Koki or koki Beans

Method 1

  • Put the paste in a mortar, add a bit of salt and magi and stir or beat it for about three to four minutes.
  • Add salt and maggi to taste. Stir again for some time until it rises and almost double the quantity.
  • Add the cocoyam leaves, and then it is ready to tie in bundles.
  • Add red palm oil to each bundle before tying.
  • Put in a sizable pot, and add water and steam for about 45 mins to one hour.
Method 2
  • After grinding, blend the paste very well. Add enough water and then all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together.
    Tie in bundles and steam in a sizable pot for about 45 mins to one hour.
    Peel and boil the plantains. Serve the koki and the boiled plantain. The Koki and ripe plantain dish is now ready mostly for launch. Yea! Delicious!

    So, dear friends, I hope from this episode you have learned how to prepare a tasty dish of Koki and Ripe Plantains. Subscribe and share with friends.

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Some Health Benefits of Koki and Ripe Plantain
  • The steaming method used in cooking koki retains a lot of vegetable proteins from the beans that are good for the body.
  • Red palm oil gives us vitamins and fats.
  • The tender cocoyam leaves give us vitamins and help in building our blood.
  • Plantains provide us with calcium and starch.


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