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Nkwen Language Lessons on Speaking Online Part 2. Mother Tongue Education



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https://open.spotify.com/show/0Wirq7SeYnoQ6u9ysqODfP?si=4fad86d490cc4cc4The first things to do when learning a new language is trying to speak, speak, and speak. Converse and converse with it. Do much on one to one conversation. With a vocabulary of about 100 words, converse more with those who already know how to speak the set language. Master several common sentence patterns in it. Give more time to it. Print and revise your lessons. Keep practicing in your head, and don’t be ashamed to make a lot of mistakes. This lesson will help you to use common sentence patterns in the Nkwen language. Check below for many more speaking lessons and sentence patterns in the Nkwen language.

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