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Forever in our hearts and in the hearts of our children.

A Tribute in honor of Father Angel

Someone I know, a colleague and a friend,
A Priest and a Teacher, on 24/7,
A born Teacher, a dutiful Teacher,
A born Priest, a pure Priest,
Lovely to kids, loved by poor children,
Simple with colleagues, always the play way,
Here he comes, Kwa kwa! he goes,
Kwa kwa! they respond, the old and the young, with wells of smiles and jokes.

Let’s go meet him, here he comes,
The kids would scream, and leap and say,
I want to touch your head, I want to climb on your back,
Carry me Father, let me see your fingers.
Let me touch your ears, … the kids always on demand.
Yes! Yes! Aha! Aha! is always the response.

How they loved you Father, how we loved you too!
Where are you? Let’s go get him now!
On his way to Mbelem, oh no!
On his way to Mboung, oh no!
On his way to Mbelewa, oh sorry!
On his way to Nebung, oh sorry!
On his way to Manda, let’s see!
On his way to Menteh, maybe!
On his way to Nkwen Palace, oh no! No one saw him this day.

Where could he be? I know! I know!
There he goes, the weary pilgrim, now marching in with the Angels and the Saints.
With shouts of joy and dancing, as the angels sound the trumpets, he matches on and on, and on, towards the throne of grace.

BYE BYE FATHER ANGEL, we all say at last, with all the hope in mind, that one day we shall gather again in the city of God. To separate no more. Pray for us and we for you. Amen

A TRIBUTE in honor of FATHER ANGEL VALENZUELA, a colleague and friend by Taminang Theresia N.

Forever in our hearts and in the hearts of our children. RIP Father Angel

You served God as a very good Piarist Priest in our Village Nkwen, in Cameroon – Africa for a long time. Thank you, Fr, Angel. May Saint Joseph Calasanz receive you warmly into heaven.

St. Joseph Calasanz
Joseph Calasanz, Patron Saint of Christian Schools

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  1. Stephen Taminang

    Rest in peace Father Kwakwa

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