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Mastering The Alphabet videos


Mastering The Alphabet videos Playlist

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Mastering the Alphabet 1 Enabling Reading for Slow Learners

Mastering the Alphabet 2; Sounds in words; Enabling Reading for Slow Learners

Mastering the Alphabet 3; Double Sounds; Enabling Reading for Slow Learners

Aspects Of The English Language

The Verb


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Slide Show On Mastering The Alphabet 2

Mastering The Alphabet
Enabling Reading For Slow Learners.



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Poems About Life 2

Poems About Live
Various Forms Of Poems

Multiplying And Dividing Mixed Fractions

A mixed fraction is made up of a whole number and a proper fraction. Improper fractions are usually converted to get mixed fractions. We can multiply and divided mixed fractions in different ways. Here are some examples.

Commonly used American Idioms

American idioms apply some elbow grease – put some physical effort into what you’re doing armed to the teeth – in possession of a lot of weapons bare bones – a very basic model or version, with no extras or add-ons bundle of nerves – very nervous or anxious about something by the skin of your teeth – just barelyContinue reading “Commonly used American Idioms”

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