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The Unconditional Love Of God For Us 

God’s Love For Us

Nothing is purer than the love of God. His love is forgiving and unconditional. He’s there for you like no one else.
Nothing can break the love of God for you. It’s strong and unbreakable. He knows you by name, He understands you, you are the apple of his eye, and He is there for you whether you acknowledge it or not. He loves you. You need to have faith in His presence to know this. You can love someone as much as you can and feel the love of others in your life too, But none of it can be equal to the love of God for you. He is there, always, letting us know that he still loves us despite our weaknesses.
God’s love has no barricades. It takes no exceptions, it makes no mistakes. He loved us all, beyond our looks, capabilities, background, and faith.
There is no person on Earth who can love all with the same unbiased nature as God. God has always loved us equally and it is the most beautiful thing in the universe. He does not discriminate.
God is mighty, he is powerful, and his glory is loud and clear. But, none of this is as great as his love for us. He loves us beyond power, beyond might, and beyond glory.

He has blessed you with all the love by giving you all you need. Everywhere you look, you’ll see God’s love. It’s in the night just as much as in the day. It’s in the water you drink and in the food you eat. It is in everything we use to live well which He created.

God’s love is strong. He preaches to you to hate the sin and forgive the sinner. He teaches you to be forgiving and accepting of all. And this is something no man can teach you.
God has given you a purpose, faith to stand for, a motive to live for and the strength to fight through obstacles. His love has everything you need, and you want and should have, to live a life of glory, a life that is fulfilled, and good.

How do you prove that you love God or accept God’s love?

Dedicated time for God to worship, praise, thank, and listen to him.
Pray to God. Tell God that you love him and love his creation.
Offer yourself as a living sacrifice in doing good. This will show how much you actually love God.
Live an exemplary life or teach by your way of life. Do this to help people believe in God and by sending messages of hope to others to encourage them.
Love yourself so that you can love your neighbor. You cannot give what you don’t have.
Love others unconditionally. That’s how God loves us.
We love because God first loved us. Indeed, we have this Command from God—’ He who loves God must also love his Brother’. 1 John 4:19 to 21.
If a man says ‘I love God,’ and yet hates his brother, he is a liar; for the man who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. True love is something that is real and can be found in today’s world. God has given us our partners, family, or someone out there, for those still to marry, that is waiting to give you the love that you deserve. Until then, it’s important to share God’s love with those around you. God wants us to show compassionate, caring love to others just as he loves us. That is how you show your love for God.
Brothers and sisters let us bear in mind that God loves us personally despite all our weaknesses and shortcomings, thus, you should endeavor to reciprocate his love for you by loving him and one another unconditionally.


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