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The Nkwen Traditional Anthem the Nkwen People.
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The Nkwen Traditional Anthem


The Nkwen Traditional Anthem



“MBANƏ̀” is the Traditional Anthem of the Nkwen People. It is a typical song of the people with origin from our forefathers. It is a symbol of peace, progress, and unity. According to our forefathers and from research by the Nkwen Language Committee, this song signifies three things when sung. 1) Calling on blessings upon the Land. 2) Calling on blessings upon Married Women to remain healthy and fruitful in their marriages. 3) Asking for peace, unity, understanding, and progress in any gathering. Thus, it is an obligation for any son or daughter of the Nkwen Fondom to Master and sings it correctly. This video would be of great help to the people of Nkwen and also an attempt to preserve the MBANƏ̀.


Nkwen Language Scheme of Work

Lyrics of the MBANƏ̀

O kya la, kya la, àlùŋә̀ tya mbanә məmoˀo nghә̀rә-ngwὲ chya nkya m̀banә na yu nkya, yu nkya. Mәnkhә ntsǔ chya nkya mbanә nà yu nkya, yu nkya. O alùŋә̀ kya lya mbwo me kya la nә̀mu tisoŋә, O àlùŋә̀ kya lya mbwo me. X2̀
Acclamation: Wuuui! Wuuui! Nfo fә̀mbànә̀!


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