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Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith - Fruits Of My Daily Reflection for March
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Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith – Fruits Of My Daily Reflection for March


Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith

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Alleluia Song Of Praise

In the scene of Jesus and Thomas, Jesus said to him,

“Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

Jesus said this because He knew soon he would not still be in His human nature but would live with them in His Spirit. Thus, they need to believe that He will always be with them though they would not see Him in person again. So, one does not need to see a sign before praying. As a Christian, Christ is in you, talk to Him faithfully everyday. You are His temple where he lives to continue His mission on earth since He has no human body for Himself any more. I jot down my prayer notes each day I am inspired to do so. How about you? I would like to share the fruits of my daily encounter with Him for the month of March. You may listen to the audio or just pray with me by reading and you would never go empty-handed but with the abundance of His graces. Let us pray.

Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith

Lk.11:29  March 1, 2023.  Jesus, you are my Lord, and my all

My Lord and my God, my dearest Jesus, I worship and praise you. You are my Lord and my God. There’s none like you. I do not need a sign to tell me this for I know you are truly my Savior, my redeemer, and friend, who suffered and died to set me free, and now lives with and in me. Jesus, I trust in you, increase my faith.

Mk.5:26 March 3, 2023,  Thank you, Lord for your forgiveness

Thank you dearest Jesus for your love and forgiveness for me that is full and complete. Give me the grace dear Lord to forgive those who have offended me in any way. Give me a peaceful and loving heart, oh Lord, to love as you love. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Mt.5:44-45  March 4, 2023. You call me to perfect love, o Lord.

Loving and merciful Jesus, today you are calling me to perfect love. I want to love you and      ItIs others perfectly as you love me o Lord, but I most often fall into anger at their offence. Dearest Lord, you are telling me to love all with their weaknesses as you love me with mine. Give me the grace to strive to be perfect as you are, o Lord. If it were not possible you wouldn’t have said so. Fill me with your grace of perfection, I want to be like you, perfect as you are perfect. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Mt.17:1-3  March 5, 2023.  Let me see your glory Lord

Lord Jesus let me see a glimpse of your glory. That joy, that happiness, that whiteness and peace you showed Peter, James and John. Give me the grace to unite myself with you in prayer so that I may see your glory all around me. Thank you, Jesus.

Lk.6:36-37  March 6, 2023.  I have  sinned too, Lord

Merciful Jesus, I am a sinner too. Help my weaknesses and failures. Forgive my sins o Lord, and give me the grace to forgive others. Fill my heart with a deeper love for all. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

Mt.21:42 Feb 10, 2023, Lord, let me be a builder of your kingdom

Lord Jesus, let me be among the builders of your kingdom and not a scatterer. Guide all my little steps and bless all that I do to give you glory. Holy Spirit, remind me always to love. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

John 4:5-7 March 12 2023 Help me to reject sin o Lord

Merciful Jesus, by your grace, help me to avoid sin in my life for sin brings disgrace, guilt, fear, and lack of confidence, but freedom from sin brings confidence, joy, and happiness. By your forgiveness and grace, let me be able to say no to sin, so that I may live in confidence, peace, love, joy, and happiness all the days of my life. Jesus, I love you.  Amen

Mt.5:17-18 You call me to a high point of holiness Lord

Loving Jesus, you call me today to a high point of holiness. You are asking me to love my enemies and do good to those who hate me, a thing I cannot boast to easily achieve unless by your grace. Dearest Jesus, I want to, but give me the grace I need to reach this perfection in holiness. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

Lk.11:20 March 16 2023 You are powerful Lord

Mighty Jesus, you are powerfully in our midst, Lord. You reign and your kingdom is here. No matter what happens in our world today and in our lives, you are Lord of all. I worship and adore you for by the finger of God’s right hand you have saved me. You are king and Lord over my life. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen!

Mk.12:29-30 March 17, 2023, Help me love you with all my being o Lord Help me love you with all my being o Lord

My dearest Jesus, help in my love for you. Help me to love you with all my being. Let me hold nothing back in loving you with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength. Dearest Jesus I love you. Amen


Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith

Jn.5:5-6 March 21, 2023, Give me patience dear Lord as I wait for you

In patience, I will wait dear Lord. As I wait for you in hope and in joy I’ll keep staring at your face for I know you have a plan for my family and your plans are always to prosper us. You are the one I trust, the one that brings joy and happiness to the poor. Lord look upon us with pity and may your will be done when you want. Jesus I hope and trust in you. Amen

John 5:25-26. March 22, 2023 Most Holy Trinity, I trust in you

Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Triune God, my one God, I worship you for the love and unity you share as one and three. It marvels me when I think of your Triune existence, o God. What a mystery to know my God is that great and awesome. I worship you my God in three person’s, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My Friend and Lord Jesus, as you are one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, help me to unite myself with you so as to be part of this great mystery. Help me to know the Father and the Holy Spirit more. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen.

John:5:44 March 23, 2023, I praise you, my God

My loving Jesus, I praise and adore you for you are so loving and kind to all mankind. Your love for all is unconditional, your forgiveness is perfect. Your care and protection prompt. Your saving power, great. You are so kind and good to all, o Lord, and your love shall never end. I’ll praise you all the days of my life for you are so good. Teach me how to give true praise to others, praise that would help lead them to do good and avoid evil, the praise that would help lead them to know you and come to you. All praise to you Lord Jesus. Amen

In 7:1-2:10  March 24, 2022  Let me know you are by my side dear

You invite me to eternal life dear Lord and I wish to follow you to attain it. Let me know you are by my side and teach me your ways. Let me see and get to know you more. Help me to pitch my tent beside yours in prayer that I may never miss out on your presence and ministry to me. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Jn. 8:7 March 27, 2023 You never give up on sinners, Lord

I may be a sinner but you, o Lord, would never give up on me. With your hands widely opened you are willing to receive me whenever I return to you or when an awful condition pushes me to you. O God, you are all loving, merciful and kind. Give me the grace that I may not often offend you and a compassionate heart after yours, to be compassionate to others around me as you are compassionate to me. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Jn.8:31-32 March 29, 2023 You are the true Lord, bless me on my birthday Lord.

Loving Jesus, you are the way, the truth and the Life. There’s no other than you, o Lord. Many times I’ve failed to live the truth. Lord, Jesus, have mercy on me. Help me to know you more, follow the way you lay before me, and be like you in truth always.
In a special note today, I thank you immensely dear Lord, for keeping me still alive for up to fifty-five years. You are so kind and loving to me Lord.  On this day, I ask you to give me more grace to remain close to you and firm in faith. I want to be more yours and you mine. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Jn.10:37-39 March 31, 2023, May I enter the wilderness with you Lord

May I enter and pray with you in the wilderness, o Lord. You choose the wilderness where you could unite yourself fully with your father, give me the grace dear Lord to respect my prayer time and be fully united with you.  Jesus, I trust in you. Amen


Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith


Let’s sing this Alleluia Song of Praise to show our gratitude to God for His goodness and love and especially for answered prayers.


Praying Is To Talk To God In Faith

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