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Prayer As A Uniting Factor, My November with the Lord


Prayer As A Uniting Factor, My November with the Lord

 If there is anything that unites every World Religion, including Christianity, it is Prayer. I guess everyone who believes in the existence of God our Creator and the Creator of the Universe does pray.  Various individuals and Church groupings use different approaches to unite with God but prayer is always a universal or central link for all. My November with the lord is a set of prayers derived from my daily reflections and meditations. I write down what touches me each day I pray, and I turn back to it on days of dryness. Thus, not every day in my “November with the lord” would have a prayer, for such a day is when I felt empty or dry, and I turned to my written prayers to help me pray. These prayers may also touch you. Just pray with me by reading or listening to the audio. It doesn’t matter if you pray only one at a time or all at the moment or even with a word or phrase that also touches you. Any prayer is important. Let us pray: 

Oct 1, 2022, Mt.5 By your grace your blessings are true dear Lord

Loving Father you are blessing the pure in heart with the grace to see you, the merciful with mercy, the mourners with consolation and all the wonderful good things you are promising your friends today. If all these weren’t possible, Lord, you wouldn’t have said it. With you all things are possible. As your meek and weary pilgrim, Lord, help me live the beatitudes. Father I trust in you.Amen

Bless and be merciful to our faithful departed o Lord

Merciful God, my loving Father, today I present and pray to you for all my faithful departed; my dear ones, family, relatives and friends who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. Be merciful to them and bless them dear Lord. My their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed enter and have everlasting joy and happiness with you in paradise. Father I trust in you. Amen

Nov 4, 2020Lk 15:1-2 Heal me Lord

Loving Jesus, you associated with sinners, had pity on them and healed them. Have pity on me and heal me too o Lord. Give me the grace to be able to forgive sinners and console them too. May the healing power of your love fall on me dear Lord, and heal me. Pull tight the strings of my entire being so that they may offer you the best of my melodies. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Nov 5. 2022 Lk 16:14-16 Lord you know my heart

Lord you know my heart and knowing that you know my heart is a wonderful insight you bless me with.
Knowing that you know my heart is a great tool and grace to shape my life. For how can I think or do evil when I cannot hide my thoughts or acts from you, or when you see and know my heart always?
Knowing that you know my heart gives me great confidence for why should I border when I’m misconceived or when I do the best I can and my friends misunderstand?
You are the only one I trust dear Lord, because you know my heart and my ways cannot be hidden from you. You are mine and I am yours. May this insight never escape my being oh Lord. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Nov 7, 2022. Lk 17:3-4 Lord my I forgive and ask for forgiveness

Merciful Father, I have falter in thoughts, words and deed. I am not worthy to be yours but yet you bid me “come”, for your love for me is unconditional and everlasting. I am sorry for my sins oh Lord, and I ask  forgiveness for all my sins. Forgive me Father and give me the grace to forgive others.  That I may be free and confident to love You my Love. Merciful Father, I trust in you. Amen

Nov 8, 2022, Lk 17:10b May I serve you joyfully day and night lord

Loving Jesus, lover of my soul, you know me through and through. May I serve you joyfully day and night regardless of the reaction of others. Help me to do the best I can even when not recognized. Let me be able to do just what you want me to do for your glory, and let my joy and happiness come from it now and forever. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Nov 10, 2022, Lk 17:33 Not by my power o Lord but by your grace

My Lord and my God, all power belongs to you. You do everything in my life. Not by my power, dear Lord, but because you are powerful and your grace is enough for me. On this bright new day I continue to abandon my life into your hands. May your will be done. Teach me what to do today and the days to come. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Nov 11, 2022, Lk. 17:33. Jesus I trust in you

My Jesus, my Lord and my God, I trust in you. You are all that I want, you are all that I need.  In your hands is my now, my future and all that I have to do. Your plan is the best. I surrender all to you o Lord; our little efforts and our feeble plans, that all may go according to your will. My Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

Nov 12, 2022. Lk 18, 8b  You reveal yourself to me Lord

Bit by bit you reveal yourself to me each day dear God.
You fill me with wisdom and knowledge through your word. You say what you think of me and what you expect of me. Help me to understand you better and do all what you reveal to me each day. I leave my eyes and ears open to see, hear and understand what you would say to me today and forever.  Let my faith in you grow dear Lord. Amen

Nov 15, 2022, Lk 9: 5B You are merciful, Jesus

How merciful you are o Lord. I’m a sinner but you tell me you came for sinners, you see me still as yours and you call me to come. You want to stay with me and be my friend forever. Your behavior amazes me Jesus. What a good and merciful God are you? You are the one I want too, the one I need because you forgive, corrects and console. I love you Jesus. Amen

Nov 17, 2022, Lk 19:41-42 You did it out of love for me Lord

Your word tells me you wept Jesus. Why did you weep Jesus? Was it more than your power, more than you can take? Now I know the deep love you had for him. The wonderful friend you had of him. How lucky were you Lazarus to have a friend who loves you so dearly. Dearest Jesus, I love to be your special friend too. I would not weep over my predicament because you had wept, suffered and died for me. You did it out of love for me, Lord. I love you too Jesus. Amen

Nov 20, 2022, You are my King

Wounded, hung on the cross, spat upon and despised, yes that is my King my Lord and my God. Holy is His name. By his wounds I am healed, by his blood I am saved, He is worthy of praise, worship and adoration. King of kings, Lord of lords, I worship you. May your name be praise on the earth and above the heavens, now and from generation to generation. Amen

Nov 18, 2022 Lk 19: 45-46 Purify me, Lord

A fire of love burns in your heart for me dear Lord, and your desire is to root out sin in the temple of my soul. To see me original as you created me. Purify me merciful Jesus and give me the grace to root off all that defiles me and make me not pure in your sight. You fought with your life for me to remain your good work of art. Thank you my Lord and my God. Amen

Nov 23, 2022, Lk 21:12-13 Lord you are with me

For anything that ever happened to my life Lord, you had been with me and you know me through and through. I know pretty well that what is happening now, in a few days to come and forever is already known, planned and blessed by you.  I need not worry but to keep myself, mind, body, soul, and spirit firmly united with you that all you permitted shall come to pass just as you want it. I maybe weak and feeble but in you I am strong and courageous. Lord give the wisdom and grace to be focused and overcome all that you have permitted. Thanks you my Lord and my God. Amen

Nov 24, 2022, Lk 21:27-28 Your will be done o Jesus

May your kingdom come and established in me and may your will be done dear Lord. Do come Lord, and journey with me all my life. My heart and soul belong to my God who created me. Though the seas may roar and the mountains tremble I will stand firm and will not fear for you my Lord the maker of all things, is with me now and forever. Amen

Nov 26, 2022, Lk 21:34-35 I fix my eyes on you o God

Without fear without doubt I fix my eyes on you o God. It is from you that all wisdom and knowledge comes. You have the answer to all my doubts and questions. I keep my eyes, ears, heart and soul awake, to be one with my Lord and my God now and for ever.  Lord Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

Nov 29, 2022. Lk 10:23-24 I desire you, my God

I desire my God, who is Most High above all. I desire you my God my creator. Even when weariness tempt and earthly things discouraged, that I think I’m farther from you, I still desire you more. I believe you are always with me Lord. Help me to desire you more and to find you when I seek. Draw me closer to you dear Lord for it is you that I want not sin. Jesus I trust in you. Amen


Prayer As A Uniting Factor

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