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Overcoming Spiritual Dryness
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Overcoming Spiritual Dryness, A Daily Prayer Journal, My October with the Lord


Overcoming Spiritual Dryness

In my effort to overcome spiritual dryness, I learned from Saint Therese of the Child Jesus that she usually recites the ‘Our Father‘ prayer very slowly during her moments of spiritual dryness as she said,

“Sometimes when my mind is in such dryness, that it is impossible for me to draw one thought to unite myself with God I recite very slowly an ‘our Father’ then the angelic situation, this prayer carries me away, they nourish my soul so much more than if I had recited them quickly one hundred times.” 


This is how this great saint dealt with spiritual dryness, her way of overcoming Spiritual Dryness. Writing my daily prayers is an attempt to secure my days of dryness when I would tend to pray by listening to my previous prayers.  By this, I keep uniting my soul with the lord my God. I hereby invite you, a precious friend to join me listen and pray these October fruits of my daily meditation as a means to overcome our moments of spiritual dryness. Shall we pray:

Oct 1 2022 Lk 10:17-20. I love you Saint Therese

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, my angel, I love you. I love your little ways, I love your intimacy with God. I love your interior life and wish to be your friend and student always. Oh Holy Face, teach me your ways. Oh Little Flower 🌹 intercede for all my friends today, teach them your little ways too. Pick for them a rose from heaven and send it to them as a sign of God’s love for them. O God, hear our prayers today through St. Therese. Amen

Oct 4, 2022. Lk 10:40-42 Thank you loving Jesus for calling us today to a life of prayer

My Lord and my God, in your presence there is rest and refreshments. Thank you for reminding me today to always take time out of my busy schedule every day to be in your presence. Give me the grace to respect my scheduled prayer time, so to be in your loving presence all the days of my life. Amen

Oct 5, 2022. Lk 11:1 Holy is your name, Father

Our Father in heaven hallow be thy name. I worship and praise your Holy Name, oh Lord my God. Thank you Father for the life you give me every day. Though a sinner you forgive me, give me the grace to forgive others and to avoid temptations. Deliver and safe us Lord from all dangers. Father, I believe and trust in you Amen.

Oct 6, 2022. Lk 11:9-10 Keep me united to you my o Lord

Lord, you have a plan for me and if I let it work you will make a master piece of my life. Keep me united to you each day Lord I pray. Give me the grace to consistently be united to you in prayer and may your will be done in my life as I seek to know you more each day. Father I trust in you. Amen.

Oct 7 Hear my prayers through your Mother o Lord

Loving Jesus, you gave us your mother while on the cross. Thank you for such a great love you have for us. Hear my prayers as I pray to you through her o Lord. Give me the grace to say my rosary everyday, to be united to your mother and to you. Please Mother Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray for us. Amen.

Oct 18. Lk 11:27-28 Blessed are you o Lord

You are Holy o Jesus, worthy is your Holy Name. All honor and praise to you o Lord. Blessed are you and Blessed be the Virgin Mary your mother. You are the Son of God, you are King of the universe, I worship you. Help me with the grace to hear your words and observe them that I may be blessed as you are blessed with the grace to worship you all the days of my life.. All honor and praise to you my Lord and my God. Amen.

Oct 9, 2022. Lk 11:29 Dear Lord, I believe in your resurrection power

You have given me the greatest sign in life o Lord, your death and resurrection. I need no other but my faith in the power of your resurrection. I believe dear Lord in the power of your resurrection, your three days in the tomb and your rising from the death that brought me new life. Jesus I love you. Give me the grace to believe and trust in your resurrection power and to love you in all things now and forever. Amen


Lk 11 44-46 Oct 12, 2022.  Lord help me to take to correction

Dear Jesus, Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path, they correct and chastise me. May I be able to listen to your words with understanding and put them into practice oh Lord. Help me to listen and hear you speak to me through others and to take advice you give me through them. My Lord, I trust in you.

Lk 12 6:7 Oct. 14, 2022, Thank you for your assurance of love for me

Thank you loving Father for assuring me of your love everyday. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for the many who love me. Give me the grace dear Lord, to love all others too, especially those who love me. May I love you above all. Give me a heart full of love dear Lord, and may that love overflow onto people I meet and all I think, say or do. Sweet Jesus I love you.

Oct 15, 2022, Lk 12:8-9 Lord, that I may be true to the till the end

Loving Jesus, you were not ashamed to carry a cross for my sake. Give me faith o Lord that I may be true to thee till death. To acknowledge your presence in my life without shame. That patiently I may freely, easily, transparently and completely witness you in all I think, say and do. Be my helper and consoler, o Lord, till the end. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Oct 16, 2022, Lk 18:5 Let me be persistent in prayer Lord

My Lord and my God. How good is it to unite myself to you daily. To keep being firmly attached to the vine so to remain a healthy branch. Dearest Jesus help me to be persistent in my prayers to you. This adds nothing to your greatness but is of a great benefit to me as part of your body. Give me the grace o Lord to pray to you everyday and let your will be done. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus. Amen

Oct 18, 2022. Lk 10:2-3 Thank you for the gift of missionaries Lord

Dearest Lord, you have called many to a special way to service in your vineyard. Thank you for the gift of missionaries in our midst. Bless them and give them more zeal in serving you. In a special way, I pray for our daughter who would soon do her final vow in serving you. Be with her now and forever Lord. Help that through their example and service many would be transformed. Help me to be a mission in my own little way Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

Oct 19′ 2022 Lk 12: 39-40 I need you all the time Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, you came, you come every moment in grace and you shall come again on that appointed day known only by you. I need you always Lord. Teach me to unite myself to you always in prayer. Let me know your are here with me now by grace and you shall be with me always. I love you Jesus. Amen

Oct 20, 2022. Lk 12:51-53 When my faith is challenged give me courage dear Lord.

My Lord and my God, following you is beautiful but challenging. The more I draw near, the more I’m challenged. Oh Lord, when my faith is challenged give me courage and strength to stay strong in you. When I do the best I can but are misunderstood, you who knoweth all about me, stand by me. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Oct 22, 2022.  Lk 13:7-9 Gardener of my soul

Sweet Jesus, you are the only gardener of my soul. You have planted it in this world, nurtured it with your blood, and wished to see it bear fruits in plenty. You have been so patient with me oh dear Lord, and you promised to be with me till the end. Jesus, you are a wonderful friend. There is none like you. You have seen me through the battles of my past and you are ready to continue the journey with me. Oh, dearest Jesus, I love and trust you. Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus, you have never left me alone.
By your power at work in me. I would surely succeed and bear fruits in plenty. Be my companion, the helper of my soul now and forever. Mother Mary, you are my helper too, who would have helped me out of that river but you? You assured me of your presence and protection always. Pray for me oh dearest Mother. That the journey would be safe and successful. Amen

Oct 25, 2022 Lk 13: 27 May your grace grow in me o Lord

Like yeast in a dough, dear Lord, may your grace work in my life that day by day and step by step I may grow close and closer to you. Thank you dear Lord for the wonderful things you are doing in my life. Help me avoid any attitude that may hinder me from coming closer to you. I want to be your friend always. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

Oct 27, 2022: Let me not be distracted by the malice of others o Lord

Let your will and plan manifest in my life dear Lord, that I may not be distracted by the malice of others. Give me the grace to focus and be steady in seeking your face and doing your will. Let the evil one never succeed in derailing me. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

Oct 28, 2022.  You teach me how to pray Lord

Jesus my Lord and my God, by your example you teach me how to pray. It is either you were serving your people or you were praying. Your rest was prayer, you never wasted any time but were constantly in the presence of your Father. Give me the grace o Lord, to constantly and continuously seek you, be with you, and listen to you in prayer. That all day and all night I may be at your service and in your presence. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

Oct 31, 2022.  Lk 14:13-14 A merciful heart o Lord I desire

God of mercy and compassion, my Lord and my God. You have been so merciful to me each day of my life and that’s why I am living. A merciful heart I desire o God. Fill my heart with mercy and help me to show mercy to all. Dearest Jesus, I trust in you. Amen


Overcoming Spiritual Dryness


Overcoming Spiritual Dryness

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