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Bo Be Nka'a
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Audio List of Bo Be Nka’a Updated Document By Juan Yzuel Tamandung Founder To Me September 2022

Audio List of The Bo Be Nka’a (Children OF The Light) Updated Document by Juan Izuel Tamandung Founder

I, Theresia Taminang, a cooperator and one of the pioneer Beli of the Bobenka’a Process am happy to have received this document from Juan Yzuel Sanz Tamaundung; the very Founder of the Bobenka’a Project. I owe my gratitude to him and the Calasanzian Community at the time for their great efforts in putting up a marvelous project as the Bobenka’a Process.

As the Bible tells us, “Every good tree is known by its fruits.” There’s a burning flame from all angles of the world from those who had passed through the Bobenka’a Process, a testimony to prove that the Bobenka’a Process was built on a very firm foundation; it was a good tree planted, that had borne some good fruits already.

Looking around and finding no other thing that had touched their lives as the Bobenka’a Process has done, these pioneer Bobenka’a keep questioning and making efforts to see into the continuation of this process. They had gathered themselves in social media groups like Whatsapp and Facebook and recently a Bobenka’a Veteran group has been formed at Futru Parish; the founding ground of the Bobenka’a project. If this project didn’t affect their lives positively I doubt these moves. This is a testimony that they have continuously kept their lights shining since the day of their Basic Promise into the Bo Be Nka’a Process, and to show their appreciation they keep looking back, questioning, and trying to see whether the tree from which they had eaten and are still eating its sweet fruits is still bearing fruits.


As an individual, I had before now put up some articles about this project that had so influenced my life as a Christian. With the help of my notebook on Bobenka’a, I came up with the articles –

A recapitulation of The Bo Be Nka’a Process in Futru Parish

ABI Stage of the Bo-Be-NKA’A Process. A Review on the Awunka’a Stage

ABI Stage of the BO-BE-NKA’A Process. A Review on Stage 2: NGWE

All these as attempts to bring the Bobenka’a Spirit to light again, keep it burning, and preserve it.

I was so overwhelmed when after the Feast Day of St Joseph Calasanz in August this year, 2022, I received this document from the very hands of Juan Yzuel Sanz Tamaundung, the Founder of this project.

The document begins with a statement he made to the Veteran Bobenka’a on the day of the foundation of their Veteran Group. I’ve created the first post on this, putting the various sections in audio forms to enhance understanding as one reads and listens.

I have decided to bring together all the Audio in this post, and part of the main document is linked to this post below. 

Thanks a million to our friend, brother, and founder, Juan Yzuel Sanz Tamaundung, and the first Calasanzian Community of Futru Parish for this well, planned, organized, and presented Project, a wonderful gift to all youths of our time.

Audio list of Bo Be Nka’a updated Document

Protected: Bo Be Nka’a updated Document By Juan Yzuel Tamandung Founder To Me September 2022

The Password into This main documents is: 2022


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