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Life in Christ through prayers
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Life In The Holy Spirit Is Life In Christ Through Prayers – My August Reflections


Life In Christ Through Prayers

“So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.” Gal. 5:16  In this Bible verse, God advises us through Saint Paul to Live by the Spirit’s Power and not as our human nature desires.  Life in the Holy Spirit is Life in Christ through Prayers. How difficult can this be in our world of today without prayers? My August reflections have brought me through a whole lot about Life in the Spirit, an experience or a journey I wish every child of God embarks on. As I strive to know and live this life, each day I pray. I write down my prayer when I am inspired. I believe sharing with friends would not only touch their hearts but also encourage you to strive to live Life in The Holy Spirit of God, which is Life in Christ through prayers.

Let us pray:

Aug 1, 2022. You satisfy any open heart that longs Lord

I leave my heart body and soul open for I know you are never tired to listen to me Lord. Even in your grieve as in the lost of a friend like John the Baptist, you still reach out to serve those longing for you. You satisfy any open heart that longs,  you are a true Savior and friend who is always willing to save, console and comfort me. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen.

Aug 2, 2022. Before I sink, stretch out your hand dear Lord

I do believe that you are with me and I can do things you do sweet Jesus but when trials are temptation crib in I turn to falter with fear and discouragement. In those moments dear Jesus, like Peter, do not let me sink, reach out your hand and hold me up, then fill me with faith and hope again. Be may refuge oh Lord in the days of trials. With you by my side I have faith, hope and trust,I will never despair. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen

Aug 3, 2022. You first loved me unconditionally Father

Yes Father, my God and my all, you first loved me unconditionally. When I look at my present stage in life I see how your hand had been wonderfully at work in my life. You are never tired of loving me. You have given me another opportunity to deepen my relationship with you through this Life in the Spirit Seminar. You are a great God, so loving and caring. As I journey with you in a special way this seven weeks and on, help me to love you more,  see your face, feel your love, healing and empowerment in your Spirit now and forever. Amen

Aug 4, 2022. Give me life to the full Lord

Loving Father you are telling me that if I believe in you l have the right to be called your child and you will be my true Father. Yes Lord, I believe. You are my Lord and my God. Jesus, that you came that I may have life to the full, oh Lord my God, I allow myself to be filled with your life to the full. Come Lord Jesus, fill me to overflowing with your life and let me be your friend. Thank you Lord. Amen

Aug 5, 2022. Help me to do my part Lord

What a beautiful promise today oh dear Jesus, that if I love you and obey your teaching, your Father would love me and you both would come to me and live with me. Oh, how I wish I can obey your teaching without faltering Jesus, that I may gain this favour fully, that you and your Father come to live in me. Oh Jesus, cleanse me from my sins, wash me clean, fill up my shortcomings by your Holy Spirit that I may obey your teaching and be fit as a dwelling for you and your Father. Help me do my part Lord. Amen.

August 6, 2022. Be my friend forever Lord

Dearest Jesus, how wonderful is it to have you for a friend. I hear you Lord and I want to be your friend forever. Help me in my struggle to open my door for you, that you may come on in  and eat and dine with me as you want to. Sweet Jesus, do come in and live with me, be my friend forever Lord. Amen

Aug 7, 2022. Is.45:18-19 Father, you are my Lord and my God

Yes Father I believe that you are my Lord and my God, who created the heaven and the earth, and you are right there in them, the only true God. That if I look for you here on earth I will find you for you did not make it a desolate waste but a place you created to dwell in with your people. Oh, open my heart and eyes to look for you and find you for I believe Father, that you are right here with me. Father I trust in you. Amen

Aug 8, 2022. Ezek. 34:15-16 You are my Good Shepherd Lord

Yes Lord I believe that you speak the truth always. You are my Good Shepherd and you have found me a place to rest. Where could have I been if you didn’t keep me in your bossom? Oh God, you are worthy of my praise. I believe and trust that you would bandage my wounds, heal me, and live in me. Father I trust in you. Amen

Aug 9, 2022. Ps 145:18 You are near Lord

In confidence I’ll call for you in truth and in spirit Lord, for I trust you will come. Stripe me off from all my pride and possessions, till all I want and all I need is your presence. Come Lord, I need more of your presence, I need more of your power and more of your glory. Come live with me oh my God. Amen

Aug 10. 2022. Is 2: 1-5 Your house is a place of peace oh God

Where can I find true peace joy and happiness if not in your house oh my God. You are telling me that it is in your house that I can find everlasting peace, joy and happiness. In your house you teach me your ways and how to walk in your paths. In your house your words transform me into a peaceful person, for my sword of sinfulness will be beaten into ploughshares and pruning hooks and not for war again. Help me walk in your light and teach me your ways oh God. Father I trust in you. Amen

Aug 11, 2022. Is 55:8-9 You are Most High, and your ways above all oh God.

Yes Lord, you are my Lord and my God, and your ways and thoughts are far above mine. I cannot be you oh my God, but just an instrument for your use, a dwelling for you, a child you nurture  protect and save each day. Fill me with just a tiny portion of you Lord that like a mustard seed would grow in your ways. Father, I trust in you. Amen

Aug 12, 2022. Is 48: 17-18 Help me to hearken to your commandments, lord

Loving Father you are my Lord and my God who saves me. You are telling me today that if I hearken to your commandments my joy would be like a river and my happiness like the waves of the sea. Then you would teach me and lead me in the way I should go. Oh my God, if I had not hearken fully to your commandments in the past, which is loving others and loving you, help me by the power of your Holy Spirit to hearken to your commands now for I love your ways. Father, I trust in your. Amen

Aug 13, 2022, Mk.1:14-15. Now is your time Lord

Now is your time to do something new in my life Lord. The time for your kingdom to establish within me. The time of your reign. Come on and take control o my God. Help me by the grace of your Holy Spirit to true repentance that I may be fully ready for your kingdom to come and reign within me. Thank you Jesus. Amen

Aug 14, 2022. Col 1:13 Yes Lord I believe

Yes Father Lord I believe that you are the beginning and end of my life. That You have delivered me from the dominion of darkness and transfered me into the kingdom of your beloved son, thus freeing me from fear and everlasting pain. You are all I want, all I need. Thank you Father. Amen


Aug 15, 2022. A beautiful soul I desire o Lord

A beautiful soul and wonderful soul is Mary my Mother and Model. So pure, humble and chaste is her heart that I cherish. Lord Jesus help to mould my heart onto your Mother’s. Mary my Mother and Model on this your Feast Day, help me to be like you. I love you Mother. Amen

Aug 16, 2022. Mk 16:13-18 You have a mission for me, dear Lord

My Lord and my God, I love you. I’ll worship and praise you forever for you are the one with a mission for me if only I believe you are alive and let you work in my life. Yes Lord Jesus, I do believe that you are risen and are alive and active in our midst. May your promises become true to my life as you have said; that I would be able to preach the gospel, have power to perform miracles and to lay my hands on the sick and you would make them well. Dear Jesus, here I am, use me as you want. Amen

Aug 17, 2022. Gal.5: Yes Lord, Holy Spirit come!

I say yes Lord for your Holy Spirit to come, live in me and make me a new person. Come Lord Holy Spirit come! I want to live as you want and not as my human nature wants. With all my heart I love and want what you want and not what my human nature wants. Your grace Lord Jesus I need, to live life in your Spirit, the life of true love. Teach me how and show me how oh dear Jesus. Lord I trust in you. Amen.

Aug 18, 2022: 1Cor.12 Lord, Give me your wisdom, understanding, and knowledge

Yes Lord I believe that your Holy Spirit gives different gifts to each and everyone for the good of all and for the glory of your name, for we are all parts of one body that is your own very body. Dearest Lord, let your Holy Spirit fill me with His sevenfold gifts, and more wisdom, knowledge and understanding of your ways, that I may follow you better. Amen

Aug 19, 2022. Acts 2: Acts 2: As on the day of Pentecost come down Holy Spirit

Mighty Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and the Son, come. As on the day of Pentecost, come down oh Holy Spirit, fall on me. Melt me, mould me fill me and use me as you want. Loving Jesus I trust you and your Father would let down your spirit upon me and upon those with whom I journey. Amen

Aug 20, 2022. I need your Holy Spirit Lord

I praise and worship you o Father for the marvelous things you do amongst men by your Holy Spirit. You are teaching me in Acts 8 that after my Baptism of repentance I also need the baptism of your Hoy Spirit. Please Jesus lay your hands on me and awaken your Holy Spirit in me received at my confirmation, and fill me with your power and graces from above. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Aug 21, 2022. Acts 10:1-43 you instruct men in their dreams, Lord

Yes Lord, you are Most High above all, all knowing. For those who love and serve you, Like Peter and Cornelius, you instruct them in their dreams and teach them what to do.  You are all knowing Lord, you plan my day before it comes to pass, putting everything in place for me. Thank you Lord. I surrender all the up coming activities of my family into your hands, plan them for us dear Lord, for you already know everything about them. Let your angels accompany us to success. Jesus I trust in you. Amen.

Aug 22, 2022. Anoint the words of my mouth Lord

How wonderful are you dear Jesus to have blessed your apostles with anointed power to preach. Peter preached and the Gentles, listening to him attentively received a full measure of your Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, I offer you my intellect, fill it with your anointed words that anyone who listens to me at all times will be filled with your Holy Spirit, your power of transformation. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Aug 23, 2022. Acts 19:1-7 Come into my heart, cleanse and sanctify me Lord

Jesus most holy, my Lord and my God, yes Lord, I need your Holy Spirit. Come into my heart and cleanse me thoroughly so your Holy Spirit can have a clean place to dwell in. Purify me o God and let that purity and the grace of your Holy Spirit shine forth from within me to sanctify my outward being now and forever.  Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Aug 24, 2022: Lord Jesus, you are a God of Miracles

Yes Jesus, you healed the sick, made the cripple whole, the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deft to hear, and you chased out many demons. You are worthy to be praised for there’s none like you. You are a God of miracles. I lift my eyes up to Lord, do it again in my life. Amen

Aug 25, 2022, Lk.11:9-13. Give me good things oh my God.

Loving Father, you are so good. You created me good and you wish every good thing for me. You would not fail to give me good things if I ask, seek and knock, because your Son our Lord Jesus says so. That if I ask, seek, and knock, I will receive, find and everything would be open to me for you my God is  so good and generous. Father, please, give me the fullness of your Holy Spirit. I want to feel your presence and your healing touches. I want to know and understand you more, and walk more in your light. Ever generous Father, I trust in you. St Joseph Calasanz pray for us. Amen.

Aug 26, 2022. Mk 16:16-18 Sanctify me and use me, Lord.

Lord Jesus, how wonderful and generous you are. You are a miracle worker and you have done marvelous things. Today you promised those who believe in you the same powers. Jesus, your words are truth and Spirit I believe. Sanctify me and do your work in my life. Amen.

Aug 27, 2022. You remind me of repentance Lord

Loving Father, today you remind me of repentance as a prerequisite for the reception of your Holy Spirit.  I admit that I have offended you, my Holy Father, in my thoughts and in my words. I have not perfectly done all that you want of me. Loving Father, I am truly sorry for all my sins, Forgive me Lord, wash me with the prescious blood of your son that I may be whiter than snow and be fit to receive your Holy Spirit. Loving Father, I trust in your mercy and compassion. Give me the grace of a good confession today. Amen

Aug 28, 2022.1cor 5:11& 69-10 Show me your kingdom and lead me to it Lord

Gracious Father, in my classroom of life in you today, firstly you are warning me not to associate with the unrighteous and secondly that the unrighteous would not inherit your kingdom. Loving Father, purify my unrighteousness then show me, and lead me on the way to your kingdom. I pray also for all my friends, especially those with whom I am united in your name. Oh Father, purify and sanctify them too. Let all of them inherit your kingdom.  I love you Father, I trust in you Lord. Amen

Aug 29, 2022. Lk.11:13 Holy Spirit Come!

Holy spirit come! Gift from my Father come! Promise of my Savior come! In the name of Jesus, I ask you my Heavenly Father to send and awaken in me your Holy Spirit. Jesus assures me, you will give me if I ask.  That as  earthly as we are, we give good things to our children when asked, and you our heavenly Father would give us much more. Invisible but ever present Father, let your Holy spirit come upon me to give me wisdom, knowledge, understanding, piety and your Holy fear, that I may be able to do your will.  Thank you Father. Amen

Aug 30, 2022.  Lk.4:34-36 you are All-powerful God

All-powerful and everpresent Father, you are worthy of praise and honor. At your presence every evil bow and every tongue confess that you are God. Fill me with your Almighty Spirit and let your presence be real in me. That I may have nothing to fear and evil chased away from me. At your presence, let your anointing break the yoke of every obstacle on my way. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Aug 31, 2022.  Lk.4:42 I want to be with you always sweet Jesus

The crowds long to be with you always Jesus, though having been with you all night long, they still went searching for you. How can I live without you sweet Jesus? You have the words of eternal life. You have the power that nourishes and fortifies me. On my own I can’t do anything. Sweet Jesus do not deprive me of your presence but fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may be united with you always for strength to do your will. Thank you Jesus. Amen.


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