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General Knowledge Revision On Farming
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General Knowledge Revision On Farming 


Farming Revision Quiz  

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  1. The stages followed in the cultivation of crops are______ clearing, tilling, hoeing, manuring, planting weeding, mulching, and harvesting.
  2. A system of farming where a piece of land is cultivated year in year out or every year is known as _________ crop rotation
  3. In agriculture, the practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land is known as _________ Monocroping.
  4. Three common monocultures are _____________ Maize, soybeans, and wheat.
  5. A single crop repeatedly grown on the same land is called _______________a monoculture.
  6. A system of farming where a piece of land after cultivation for one or two years is allowed to gain its fertility is known as ____ shifting cultivation.
  7. Shifting cultivation is also known as _________  bush following
  8. In Shifting cultivation or bush following, plots of land are cultivated temporarily, then allowed for vegetation to freely grow while the cultivator moves on to __________ another plot.
  9. The oldest system of farming where many crops are cultivated on the same piece of land at the same time is known as _____ mixed cropping
  10. Mixed cropping is also known as ___________ intercropping.
  11. A process by which farmers produce crops and rear livestock simultaneously to ensure sustainable agriculture  __________ mixed farming.
  12. A system that involves the growing of the same type of crops on the same piece of land every year is known as  ______ continues cropping.
  13. An advantage of this system is that __________1. It is normally practiced where there is a scarcity of land and a dense population. 2. where environmental conditions limit the type of crops that can be cultivated in that area.
  14. In this system, a lot has to be done by the farmer to improve the Fertility of the soil by ________ the addition of organic and inorganic manure.
  15. The planting of perennial crops such as cocoa, coffee, or tea is known as _______ permanent cropping. 
  16. Examples of permanent crops are  _________ all fruit trees, all citrus fruit trees, all nut trees, all berry plantations, all vineyards, and all olive trees.
  17. Some common farm records are _______ farm dairy, crop record, manure record, farm inventory book, and the farm cash book.
  18. Some common farm tools include ______ spades, cutlass, hoes, Dig axe, shovel, rake, pickaxe, etc
  19. Modern farmers have a huge range of equipment options for the various activities they do on an annual basis. Some Farming Vehicles are:

  1. Anything added to the soil to increase its fertility is called ____________ manure
  2. Two main kinds of manure are ___________organic and inorganic  Manure.
  3. Kinds of organic manure are______ green manure, farm yard manure, and compost manure.
  4. Inorganic manure is commonly known as ______ Fertilizers 
  General Knowledge Revision On Farming          
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 Read our General Knowledge Revision e-book.


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